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Did you know that goats don’t have round pupils?

I’ve always assumed that all eyes were variations on the same design: round eyes with round pupils, like this picture.


Then yesterday, for the first time, I realised that goat pupils aren’t round.

They’re rectangular.

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Did you know that plants grow more leaves in strong sunlight?

Because more leaves = more light trapped = more photosynthesis. For those who don’t know what photosynthesis is, think about it this way:

Humans eat: food goes into the mouth –> lots of fancy bio technobabble –> body gets nutrients, poop comes out

Plants synthesize: leaf absorbs sunlight and carbon dioxide gas –> lots of fancy bio technobabble –> plant gets glucose (nutrient), oxygen is released

Moving on.

Plants grow more leaves when there’s strong sunlight but the leaves have less nutrition than usual, because the plant’s growing so many leaves at once, so even though there are more leaves, bugs have to eat more leaves to get the same amount of nutrition, so the plants are probably left with the same number of leaves at the end of the day. Which is kinda sad. For both sides. Imagine eating so much yet not getting full.

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