Short Story: Unwanted Housemate

There are a lot of things he doesn’t like about having a housemate. The sloppiness, the stealing, the mere presence of a stranger in a private space that should be his and his alone.

But his bank accounts are frozen now. Even though he’s one of a dozen victims of malicious hacking, it’ll take awhile to convince the police that he was innocent and not an accomplice of a suspected insurance fraud. In the meantime, finance is tight. He’s not broke, but renting out a part of his house would help stretch out the little stash of cash he has left after he’s been blocked from everything else he owns.

He grits his teeth at the dishes drying on the rack, clean but not in the order they should be.

As far as housemates go, the current one is the best he’s seen so far. If he can just lower his standards a little, the new guy might even be decent.

Who’s he kidding? He isn’t where he is now because he has subpar standards. He’ll just have to survive a very uncomfortable few months ahead until everything clears up, then he can kick the tenant out and get his space back again.

He quietly folds up his sleeves and reorganise the dishes.


Genre: slice of life

January stories of beginnings: 10/22