Short Story: Breakfast of Love

Genre: family, slice of life


She wakes on Mother’s Day to find her kitchen a complete mess.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” her chocolate smeared, butter fingered twins shout as they present her with a plate of dubious lumps that may or may not actually be edible.

She hopes her smile looks happy rather than exasperated (and a little nauseous).

“You made this for me? How lovely,” she lies.

The beaming smiles her twins give at the praise reminds her of why she wanted to have kids.

“I’ll clean up afterwards,” her husband whispers, and she falls in love all over again.

“Help me eat ‘breakfast’,” she whispers back.

To his credit, he only hesitates for a moment.

“Gladly, mother of my children.”

Together, they faced the well-meaning but potentially deadly breakfast of love.


Drabble: Morning Routine

Genre: general, slice of life


Every day started the same way. She woke up, ate breakfast, then packed another set that could be easily eaten on the go.

Some time later, her housemate thundered down the stairs.

“I’m late!”

She held out the breakfast pack. “Morning. Breakfast.”

“Thanks.” Her housemate grabbed the pack and dashed out, gone as quickly as she arrived.

For someone who had problems waking up in the morning, her housemate sure liked organising activities in the morning.



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