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Drabble: One Week

Genre: family, slice of life


It would only be there for one week, but one week was a long time time to endure crawling through their own house just to get to the front door.

‘It’ was an obstacle course made out of strings, modelled after the web of laser sensors in spy movies. The course was great, but there was one problem.

They allowed her little brother the living room. He had taken most of the ground floor instead.

Fortunately for him, he had a wonderful, understanding family.

But once his birthday party was over, those strings were going down.


Prompt: temporary


Drabble: Seeds of Doubt

Genre: general, family


She was his twin, his support, his partner in crime, his other half.

According to this report, she was also the mastermind behind the unexplained losses in their company.

It wasn’t the first time she had been accused of underhanded dealings and questionable intentions. She was always proven innocent in the end, except for a few investigations that ended without a clear conclusion.

Was his sister actually doing something malicious or was someone else trying to drive a wedge between them? He didn’t want to suspect his sister of betrayal, but every accusation planted another seed of doubt among the weeds that had already grown in his mind.

This had to stop. Before his trust shattered completely. He called his sister before he changed his mind.

“Hey, sis. Free for dinner tonight?”


Drabble: The Brother

My response to the August prompt ‘protector’.

Genre: family


~The Brother~

His world had narrowed down to three things: pain, enemies, sister.

Every movement sent a fresh wave of pain through his battered body. Even breathing felt like invisible punches to his torso, but not breathing meant death, and he couldn’t afford to die now.

Their enemies, a group of robbers, had been left behind some time back, but he still kept an eye out. Getting ambushed now would be deadly.

His sister followed closely behind him, shaken but unharmed. That was good. They could try to outrun the robbers, but they couldn’t outrun his injuries. At some point, she would need to run for her life on her own. When that happened, he would give her the best chance of survival possible.

He sucked in a gasp of pain and pushed forward.

~The story continues in The Sister.~

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