Drabble: Her Room

Follows after Room to Room. Written in response to the prompt acceptance.

Genre: slice of life

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine. It’s not your fault,” her cousin said as she swept the broken remains of her third teapot this year.

She fidgeted at her wrists. The teapot had slipped off the shelf on its own, but she was sure it wouldn’t have happened if not for her bad luck.

“Get ready. We’re going out after I’m done with this.”


She fled to the guest room, still almost as bare as when she first moved in almost two years ago. It was the longest she had stayed in the same place since the accident, but it wasn’t her room. If her cousin wanted her out, out was where she would go, to another family willing to brave her bad luck. At least for a few months.

“Let’s go.”

Her cousin brought her to a large homeware store stocked with anything to fill every room.

“I’m getting a new teapot. You are getting something for your room. Get a table, a picture, anything that catches your fancy. If you don’t pick something, I’ll pick something hideous to decorate your room.”

For a moment, she could only stare up at her cousin.

“My room?”

The look her cousin was half amused, half pained. Gaze soft, her cousin placed a hand on her head.

“It’s been your room since the day you moved in, silly.”

In the end, she chose a bedside table. Her cousin grumbled at the ridiculous neon purple, but paid for it anyway.

That night, instead of packing all her loose items into her luggage bag inside the wardrobe, she left them on her new table. Even took out her calendar and put it there.

Her room.

Her lips curled into a helplessly giddy smile and she pulled the blanket over her head, wrapping herself in a dark cocoon.

Her room.

Warm tears rolled out of her eyes. She couldn’t tell if she was crying from sadness or happiness.

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Mission Gone Wrong 10: Promise Me This

Written in response to the prompt promises with a dash of the previous original prompt.

This is part of the Mission Gone Wrong story.

Genre: general


~Promise Me This~

Before Alan was team captain, he was vice-captain to the original captain who created the team. The original captain was a small lady half his size with a mischievous streak a mile wide.

But under all the pranks and giggles was someone who took her job very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that when she learnt that her cousin would join her team, she applied for a transfer.

“Why?” he asked her after training when everyone else had left.

“Because my cousin’s a shy boy,” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Then put him on another team. Why should you be the one to leave?”

“Because my cousin’s a shy boy.”

His fingers twitched, but he didn’t throttle her. His parents had brought him up to be better than a thug who only knew how to throw his strength around.

Lucy’s grin softened into a smile. She rested a small hand on his arm.

“This team will be good for him, but not if I’m here. He needs his own space. Anyway, Lavi’s been bugging me to start a new team for a few months, so the timing is amazing.”

He didn’t know how much of the excitement was feigned, but the least he could do was play along and let her go.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“I hope not. This is your team now. Choose your own vice-captain, have as many or as little members as you want, train with bubblegum if that’s your style. It’s up to you. Just promise me this. Keep my cousin in the team until he becomes a full Fighter.”

“I promise.”

It was that promise that stopped him whenever he thought of filing for a transfer for Lucy’s cousin. Shuffling newbies around different teams until they found one that fit was standard procedure. In fact, it was a great way to expose newbies to different combat styles and group strategy they wouldn’t otherwise get by sticking to just one team.

But Lucy had always had great insight into what people really needed, and if she thought sticking to one team was what her cousin needed, he just had to do his best to support her cousin.

“Captain Alan?”

He snapped out of his thoughts to the girl beside him.

“That’s me.”

“I am Shadow,” the girl introduced herself, “I am ready to leave whenever you are.”

He rose to his feet and checked his gear.¬†Whatever misgivings he had about Theo’s place in the team could wait. It was time to bring their newbie back home.

“Good. Let’s go. Ezra, lead the way.”

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