Short Story: House Explorers

Genre: slice of life


Every year, they moved to a new house. While their classmates talked about the places they would visit over the school holidays, they talked about the new house they would explore.

They had stayed in apartments, bungalows, townhouses, semi-Ds, and each house they had moved into held their own secrets. They found hidden spaces, special doors, time capsules, and antique treasures.

It was always a little sad to pack up at the end of the year, but that was nothing compared to their excitement about the new house.

What would they find?

And more importantly, what could they leave behind as a secret treasure for the next explorers to find?


Drabble: A Little Exploring

My response to the prompt discover.

Genre: general, slice of life


~A Little Exploring~

It was the same street she walked every day to class, but unlike every other day, she wasn’t rushing to class.

Time to do a little exploring.

She slipped into the less used side street and strolled past the little shops inside. Many of them were actually small restaurants that offered cuisines from all kinds of cultures. She added a few to her mental list of ‘places to eat’.

As nice as a new eating spot was, she made a better discovery. Tucked in between a tiny office and a grocery shop was a cafe that specialised in tea, and in that cafe worked the new love of her life. She decided there and then that from today, she was a tea lover.

She stepped in. He looked up from the counter.

“Hi there, Miss. How can I help you?”



Just wanted to do something a little nonsensical. Hope you enjoyed it.

A day at Hanging Rock

Not long ago, I went to Melbourne’s “Hanging Rock” (also formally known as “Mount Diogenes”). Someone told me that it used to be a volcano, and Professor Wikipedia says that it’s a mamelon (which sounds like spikes of lava-turned-rock). But that’s not important. The important part is that it’s a pretty interesting place to hike.

Most hiking trails have fixed paths. Hikers choose one route, and walk along it for how ever long they want. Hanging Rock also has that, but it also has a lot of interesting side paths formed by the many rock structures. Just looking at it gets the writer part of me reaching for stories of hidden organisations and secret meetings. It’s a cool place to be, even if it can be pretty dangerous.

Didn’t take any pictures, which in hindsight is a bit of a missed opportunity, but also a sign of how much the area interested me. It isn’t everyday that I get the chance to basically map out my own obstacle course. How far can I go? Would I be able to get back if I take the jump over to that next rock? Is it stable enough for me to put my weight on it?

The area also doesn’t fence up a lot of areas. So I could actually climb the rocks at the summit. But it was really cold that day, and at the top of the rocks, there’s nothing else to protect me from the crazy strong wind. I would have liked to go higher, but the wind was strong enough to actually push me over, and slipping off the rock wouldn’t be a nice way to finish off a social gathering.

After this, I have a better understanding of why people like mountain climbing. It can be dangerous, but there’s also the thrill of exploration that can be hard to find on trails where the path is set and everything has been fenced off.

Just… no selfies on the edge. Free falling is the fastest way down, but I’m sure climbing down can be fun too.