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A Day of Firsts

Genre: fantasy, action
Follows after Before the Interview and Second Opinion.


~A Day of Firsts~

“Rule 1: No inappropriate touching,” was Lavi’s first words to Edmund on his first day as a bodyguard.

Edmund shifted Leora before she slipped off his back.

“Rule 2: Do not wake her up. Not even if the world is ending. Especially if the world is ending.” Read the rest of this entry

Drabble: Trade Secret

Genre: fantasy

Inspired by the prompts adrift and unmoored in the sense that the story takes place on a sinking ship and lifeboats that will be sent adrift.


~Trade Secret~

Around them, people ran for the two lifeboats.

“If we’re on the same boat, you win. If not, I get everyone on my boat,” she said.


Her eyes flashed gold. He blacked out.

He woke to a stranger sitting him on a lifeboat. The scar on his chest burned like cold fire.

“You’ll be safe here.” The stranger straightened.

He grabbed the unfamiliar man. “Stay.”

“I’m going to help.”

“You mean hunt.”

“You’re confused.”

“No.” He activated his nullifier. The man shattered into a woman. She collapsed.

“How?” she asked as her consciousness faded.

His scar throbbed.

“Trade secret.”


Drabble: On the Edge

Genre: mystery, fantasy


He was on the edge of a precipice, and all his wife cared about was things.

“Give me the watch!”

She doesn’t care about you.

He could bring the watch down with him, just to spite her.

Jump. End it all.

He unclipped the watch and tossed it to her as he fell. Despite everything, he still loved her.

The fog over his mind lifted.

Huh? What was he-

A hand pulled him back to solid ground. Dazed, he stared at his friends enemies friends?

The watch sat untouched on the ground.

“And that’s why we don’t touch weird things.”


Drabble: Unsatisfied Customer

Genre: fantasy


Bitter Medic’s true power was the ability to do anything as long as the right price was paid. When customers knocked on his door with their requests, he told them the price and left it to them to decide whether to proceed or not.

But not this time.


“I’ll pay anything.”

“I can’t bring back the dead.”

That was a lie. He could do it, but too many lives would be destroyed just to bring one back.

The customer slammed the table and stood over him. “I won’t give up. One day, I’ll make you see it my way.”

Bitter Medic sat unfazed, used to the resentment of disappointed clients.

When they met again, it was as captor and captive.

“Have you changed your mind?” his ex-customer asked.

Bitter Medic ignored the knife at his face. “No.”

The ex-customer grinned. The knife glinted.

“I believe the right answer here is ‘Yes’.”


Drabble: Weather Girl

Genre: fantasy


The weather was linked to her emotions.

Once, she thought it was cool how her smile could literally light up the world. That naive girl had long since drowned in drugs to suppress any emotion.

There were those who wanted to use her ability to control the weather. She hadn’t felt anything in a long time, but she knew that once her shackles were removed, she would feel only one thing.



Camp NaNoWriMo part 23

Genre: fantasy, family

Start from the beginning here or check out the previous part here.


It took them the better part of a month to fix everything. Even then, the cracks were still visible to those who knew what they were looking for, but with enough time, even those would fade away too.

Each family had held their own gatherings, both to update everyone on the current situation and to make sure everyone was alright. Wilfredo had never seen so many Beauris in one place at the same time. Not even during Chinese New Year. But even that paled in comparison to this gathering. Read the rest of this entry

Camp NaNoWriMo part 17

Genre: fantasy, action

Start from the beginning here or go to the previous part here.


Was it only yesterday that Darius thought he could actually make a difference? He needed a time machine to go back and lock himself somewhere so he didn’t join the rescue team because he was only slowing people down.

The problem wasn’t that he was weak. Physically, he was in great shape, better than a lot of the people around him, but a fit body could only do so much when his competitors were conjured Gods and marble giants. In the face of such destructive power, his homemade staff was just a glorified toothpick, good only as a weak deterrent. His best and only move was to not get hit.

He dodged a bat as big as a human and jumped out of the way of a swing from an arm stuck to the wall.

Before entering the building, they had familiarised themselves with the layout of the estate. Unfortunately, old floor plans couldn’t tell them how the space was being used, or if any changes had been made since then.

To increase their chances of finding Luciano (and everyone else), they split up into small groups to cover different areas using different routes. It sounded like a good idea at the time. In practice… he personally thought it worked even better because it was easier to stay together when it was just three of them in a team instead of ten.

He ducked under the swipe of the largest praying mantis he had ever seen. Its claws sparked as it scraped the wall instead. A guardian lion tackled it to the ground before the giant bug could launch a second attack.

“Next?” Darius asked.

“Go,” Wilfredo said.

From the moment Darius’s team faced their first encounter with the guards, Darius knew he was so outclassed he was like a bug trying to join a battle between war tanks. He abandoned all intentions to fight and looked for other ways to make himself useful. After some clumsy attempts, they settled on Wilfredo and Augustine acting as guards while Darius focused on finding people.

Dodging a stray blast, Darius threw another door open. It was empty.

“Empty,” he announced and ran to the next door, “Next?”


The moment the door opened a minotaur attacked. Darius shot out of the way just in time. As the beast turned to deliver another blow, a guardian lion pounced and smashed it back against the door frame.

He felt like a character in a game, dungeon crawling with his party. Except no one wanted to kill anyone, their loot could actually fight back, and they didn’t have the super handy communication system that would let them talk to each other even when they weren’t in the same room.

Between Wilfredo and Augustine, they distracted the two guards enough that the prisoners within could fight back. They then moved on to the next door and continued their search.

The estate was not designed to hold prisoners, but it was designed to house a large multi-generational family, so there were plenty of large rooms and some isolated wings. Without proper cells, the Sharoon family turned these rooms into little prisons, each with their own guards. In reality, the rooms ranged from real prisons to massive sleepovers, depending on the guards and prisoners.

Door by door, they searched the whole estate, occasionally crossing paths with the other groups. Towards the end, they were basically running a rescue mission in the middle of a fantasy war zone. They abandoned all stealth and tore the doors down as they ran from everyone and everything. Darius had dropped his staff ages ago. It only slowed him down.

Finally, they covered the whole estate. Twice.

They didn’t find the Beauris heir.

“We need to go,” Augustine said when the mansion floor turned wild and the crumpled bodies of creatures that didn’t exist threatened to completely clog the corridors.

“We haven’t found Luciano yet,” Darius said.

“You won’t help him if you get caught. Let’s go.”

Wilfredo grabbed Darius by the arm and hauled him onto the back of his guardian lion.

“Hold on.”

They fled.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Part 1

For Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to attempt the ‘no plot, no problem’ approach and write a story in April at the pace of roughly 500 words a day.

Genre: fantasy, action

“Keep this on you at all times.” Her brother looped the necklace around her neck. “And no matter what, don’t let anyone get that.”

Holding back tears, she nodded.

“Good girl. Now go.”

She ran.

“Catch her!”

Her brother stepped in to block their pursuers and slapped a hand against the wall.

“Hey! Eyes on me.”

She dashed around the corner, fingers tight around the family pendant. She should be the one back there. He was the heir. Even without the family heirloom, there were so many secrets he knew that the enemy could pull out of him. She should be back there. She should.

But she kept running, hating herself a little more with every step.

A hand clamped around her arm. She screamed and slapped her captor. The hand loosened, but not enough to let her go. Kicking his groin didn’t work either. The man was like stone.

Then she would fight stone with stone.

Over the man’s shoulder was the carving of a dragon on the wall. As the man hauled her over his shoulder, she grabbed the dragon and pulled.

The dragon peeled off the wall and tackled the man. It wasn’t strong enough to knock the man out, but it was enough to make him release her. Before he recovered, she grabbed the dragon around its neck and flew away.

Never show your powers to anyone.

Sorry Dad. It was an emergency.

She raced down empty back alleys and dove into the reserve to hide herself and her conspicuous dragon. Her brother would be able to change the dragon into something less eye catching but more deadly, but that was why he was the heir and not her.

He shouldn’t have stayed behind.

She wrapped her arms around herself and paced. She could still go back. Give her brother a hand, teach the bad guys a lesson and save the day.

She laughed bitterly into her hand.

Yeah right. She would only become a distraction her brother couldn’t afford.

“Hey, Miss. Are you alright?”

She spun around to face the newcomer. Her heart thrashed frantically in her chest.

How long had he been there? Did he see the dragon? Where was the dragon?

The man held his hands up and spoke in a soft voice, “I’m not going to hurt you. Come here.”

She stepped back. Something flashed across his face before he smoothed it out into friendly concern.

“Whatever you’re doing through right now, it’ll get better, but things can’t get better if you’re dead.”

What was he… did he… did he think she was suicidal?

“I’m not suicidal.”

“No, you’re not. You’re just really close to the edge,” he said calmly, “Come over. It’s not safe over there.”

She shifted to look behind her while keeping the stranger in view. She was in a reserve. How dangerous could it… that was a lot of rocks.

So the guy had a point, but was it more dangerous to stay where she was next to the dried river or approach the stranger and potentially hand herself over to the enemy?

“I’m fine,” she said. The last time they trusted an outsider… her uncle was still missing.

“Is there anything you want to talk about?” He took a step when he thought she wasn’t looking. She stepped back to keep the distance between them.

The ground gave way beneath her.

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I don’t know where I’m going with this. That would be something for future me to deal with tomorrow. Any thoughts? Questions? Speculations? Leave them in a comment. Every bit of inspiration helps 🙂

Drabble: On the Same Side

Takes place after Bands of Power. Read that first to understand why the purple matters.

Genre: fantasy, superhero


She glanced at her wrist. Only one purple band left. If they didn’t finish soon, she would run out of power, and the rubble she was holding up would fall and crush the people still trapped underneath.

“Hurry up,” she said.

“We’re trying.” The other supers, heroes and villains alike, sped up.

Not long ago, they were fighting. The supervillain team wanted to kidnap another rich kid, and they, the rival superhero team, refused to let that happen.

No one expected the building to fall apart after a hit from a stray attack.

Without hesitation, both teams dropped the battle and rushed to the victims’ aid. They may be rivals, but when it came to people’s lives, they were on the same side.

Alone, it would have been tough to save everyone, especially when they were still exhausted from the unfinished fight, but with both teams working together, they managed to get everyone to safety. She even had half a purple band of power left.

“We still want the kid,” the supervillain team said, even though everyone looked ready to drop where they stood.

“We’ll still stop you if you try,” the superhero team said, using bravado to cover the fact that they were running on empty.

“But not today.”

“Not today.”

They nodded and turned away from each other, both sides eager to return to base and crash for the rest of the day.


Drowsy Days

Genre: fantasy, slice of life


He was always tired. No matter how much he slept, he couldn’t replenish his energy fast enough to replace what his superpower sucked out of him.

Because he was a minor when the ability first appeared, his parents were notified when he participated in the government’s secret super census. He hadn’t been too happy then, but now he was thankful.

They might be nosy and naggy, but they also cared enough to make sure all his teachers didn’t bother him when he slept in class, explaining his constant exhaustion away as a medical condition.

A light touch on his shoulder stirred him from his doze.

“Don, we’re moving,” Patricia said.

“Thanks.” He slid his book into his bag and followed the group out of the classroom. As he turned the corner, his phone buzzed three times in quick succession. He tapped Patricia’s back to get her attention.

“I’m not feeling very well. I’m going to go back early.”

“Ok. Take care.”


Once out of sight, he pulled out his phone. Thundude’s message was a short call for backup from the rest of the team. He changed into his gear and stashed his personal items. All the energy he had been hoarding was for this moment.

Enhancer, on the way.


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