Short Story: Because of Fear

It was fear that got him into this situation, and it was fear that would get him out.

His body crawled and jumped, faster than further than he ever had in his life. It was just enough to push himself out of range for the angry wild boar, which he only crashed into because he tried to run from a snake, which he only came across because he tried to skirt around a hissing wild cat and her kittens.

And people wondered why he didn’t like the outdoors.


Genre: slice of life

Short Story: The Fears of Ferrymen

Their job was to ferry things between the mainland and the island. They didn’t know what or who were on the island, and half the time they didn’t even know what was on their simple boat, but they were desperate people trying to get by, and desperation was a great antidote to curiosity.

So when a strong creature leapt into their boat as they left the island, it wasn’t an exciting encounter but a frightening threat to their livelihood.

“Help me.”

They looked between the creature and the island. A different fear gripped them. Now that they had seen the creature, would they be allowed to live?

They might have remained forever frozen on the lake from indecision if they hadn’t been spotted. An alarm sounded from the island, and they found themselves under attack.

The creature sprang into action and covered them.


Fear for their life triumphed over all their other fears. They sped away from their usual course into an unknown future.



Genre: fantasy

Short Story: Invisible Wall

Genre: slice of life


The boy was completely silent.

The officers whispered among themselves.

“Is he mute?”

“No. He was the one screaming earlier.”

“Anyone managed to get the parents?”

The girl looked at the officers, then at the boy, then back at the officers. In her mind, she saw an invisible wall cut the room. The officers on one side, the boy on the other.

That wasn’t right.

The girl crossed the room to the boy.


The boy stared at her. She waited, and waited, and waited some more. Just when she thought of leaving him, his face scrunched up and he burst into tears.

The invisible wall vanished. The officers rushed over.

“It wasn’t me,” she said.

“We know,” one of the officers stopped to say, “You’re a good girl.”

She couldn’t help but smile. He said she was a good girl!

She skipped happily back to her parents, who pulled her into a hug once she was close enough.

“Well done.”

And that kept her happy the whole day.


Short Story: The Apron In The Air

Genre: fantasy?


The apron hung in mid air along the tree line.

None of the workers wanted to get anywhere near the thing.

“I’m not going to touch that voodoo magic.”

“I’m telling you, ghosts are real.”

“Maybe it’s cursed.”

“There’s no such thing. I’ll take it down.”


They tackled the brave fool to the ground.

“Leave it to me,” a new voice cut in.

The lord of the land stepped past, crossing the field to the floating apron with care.

“Ah,” the lord said to himself.

A long piece of string had been tangled up between the trees, and it was on this thin string, invisible from a distance, that the apron hung from.

He took the apron and draped it over his arm. Next came the string, which glistened with morning dew. He kept that too. The seamstress was always looking for threads of all lengths and types.

Then he turned back to his hardworking, but easily spooked workers.


Short Story: Belief

Genre: supernatural


One believed in ghosts, the other didn’t, but they bought the haunted house anyway.

Bad decision.

“But it was dirt cheap.”

To be fair, many of their problems were mundane. The house had been left empty for so long that there were 101 things that were broken, were breaking, or would break soon. They could handle that. They had the funds and passion to slowly restore the house.

What they couldn’t handle was the random ghost floating around in the most inconvenient places as they went about their daily business.

So they hired him to do something about it.

“I don’t want to leave,” the ghost said.

“Why not?” Silas asked.

“I’m afraid God will reject me.”

“Is it because you rejected him?”

“No. I believed in him when I was alive. Still do.”

“What’s holding you back?”

“I did a lot of bad things. Especially towards the end.”

“That doesn’t matter. If you declare with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Did you do that?”


“Then there’s nothing to fear. Go home.”

“Home.” The ghost smiled and faded with a sigh.

Silas said quietly into the empty space, “Rest in peace.”

Then he turned and headed back towards the living.



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Drabble: To Remember the Person He Used to Be

Genre: angst, fantasy


He forgot a little more every day.

It was the price he agreed to pay, but the thought of losing all the memories that made him him scared him more than he thought it would.

He kept a journal. Something to record his precious memories. The experiences that shaped him and the people who had changed him for better or worse.

He recorded all that and more. Even when he couldn’t remember the events recorded in his older entries, he still filled new pages.

At least this way, he could read the words and pretend he still remembered the person he used to be.


Drabble: Constant Surveillance

Continues the story of the artist from Hands of Destruction and Destroy to Create.

Genre: superpowers, fantasy


~Constant Surveillance~

The metal egg blurred before his eyes. In the past, he would have ignored his growing exhaustion and pressed on with his project, but that was before, when he still worked with normal tools and the worst he could do was accidentally cut himself.

He left his work desk and flopped onto his bed, pretending not to notice the hidden agents watching his every move.

One slip up. That was all they were waiting for. An accident with his powers so they had an excuse to haul him back into their secret prison and seal his ability to destroy anything with just a touch.

The close watch was suffocating, and was likely to continue for the rest of his life, but he would accept it. A restricted life was better than no life at all.


Mission Gone Wrong 5: Foolish Boy

Written in response to the prompt realise. Continues the Mission Gone Wrong story from Good News, Bad News.

Genre: action, fantasy


~Foolish Boy~

Ezra realised what Theo was planning the moment the newbie grabbed his first branch.

That foolish boy.

He broke into a run.

“What happened?” Eileen asked.

“That idiot is going to kill himself.”

“Want a lift?”


Eileen swept him into her arms. Without him slowing them down, the two S class Fighters upped the pace.

They would never been fast enough.

Ezra watched as Theo’s legs gave out under him as he made the final leap off the tree. Theo’s fingers missed the handhold he aimed for by a finger’s breadth. Their eyes widened as their worst fear was realised.

Theo fell. And this time, there were no monsters to break his fall.

~The story continues in Unrealised Potential~