Shadowing Shadow

My response to the prompt mystical.

Genre: fantasy, mystery


~Shadowing Shadow~

Every department had its own mysteries. Theirs was Shadow. Boasting unparalleled strength and power, she was a one-person army no other Fighter could match.

She also didn’t exist.

At least, that was what he thought, until she actually appeared in the flesh at his team practice session, and she was every bit as strong as the rumours painted her to be. Even when the whole team attacked her with their best team effort, they couldn’t even touch her.

So their mystical Shadow was actually real. Now he was curious. ‘Shadow’ was too tacky to be a real name. Who was she really?

After the session was over, he put all his stealth training to good use and shadowed Shadow. He wasn’t the only one feeling curious. Two of his teammates had the same idea, and Shadow picked up even more followers as she walked, until it felt like there was someone watching at every corner.

And Shadow still managed to shake them off and disappear.

Just like a shadow.



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