Short Story: A Day Off Cut Short

For the first time in months, she was free!

Most people would plan something for their day off, even if it was a lazy movie marathon at home. Not her. She had spent way too much time on her feet. For her hard earned holiday, she wasn’t getting out of bed unless she had to.

At ten in the morning, her phone rang.

The other end was so noisy she could barely hear her manager say, “I’m so sorry. I know you took the day off but we’re swamped. Can you come in today?”

She could say no, but she knew with the pandemic how much the cafĂ© needed the business to be able to keep her and her fellow co-workers on the payroll. Swallowing her disappointment, she said, “Sure. I’m on my way.”


Genre: slice of life

Camp NaNoWriMo short story count: 6/31

Short Story: Everyday Elegance

Genre: general


As a princess, she always had to be elegant.

Even while falling down the stairs.


Elegance meant gracefully requesting for assistance and gently accepting help when all she wanted to do was curse from the pain and rip her impractical skirt into something reasonable.

Finally, she was left in the peace of her chambers under the care of her royal husband. She threw off the stifling dress and pulled on her street clothes. A sprained ankle hadn’t stopped her when she used to live on the streets, they weren’t going to stop her now.

Her husband, bless that man, didn’t stop her. She gave him a kiss and jumped out the window to freedom and an afternoon of fun times with people who didn’t care if she screamed like a madwoman or stuffed her face with junk food.