Short Story: Eye of the Dragon

A dragon protected the village. But now, he stood by as bandits ravaged the village.

Because these thieves took his eyes.

A dragon with no eyes had no life. In their greed, these thieves had doomed them all. But she wasn’t interested in them. She wanted the dragon’s eyes. Once she returned the eyes to their proper place, the dragon would show the bandits theirs.

She crept through the thief’s camp while her friends distracted the thieves, going straight for the dragon eyes’ distinctive glow. In one quick jab, she snatched the bag off the ground and sprinted towards the dragon, her brother right behind her.

Danger pressed in from all sides, from the attackers bent on destruction, from the thieve unwilling to let their spoils go, from the wrecked buildings that threatened to collapse at any moment. She kept her eyes and ears open and pushed through her fear. The sooner the dragon regained his eyes, the sooner he could protect them.

At the foot of the dragon’s hill, her brother shoved her to the ground. Something broke beneath her as her brother knocked the attacker off the hill.

“Sorry,” her brother said and pulled her up.

She looked into her bag in horror. “The eye.”

Instead of two whole eyes, she now had one eyes and two parts of an eye. Could the dragon still move with only one eye?

“One eye is better than none.” Her brother pulled her back to their goal. Together, they continued their run up the hill to the dragon.

Near the top of the dragon’s hill, the undamaged eye broke out of the bag and shot towards the dragon. The massive eyelid blinked and the glass-like eye fired to life.

The dragon launched off the hill and swept through the village like a shadow of judgement. In one sweep, not a single bandit remained. The dragon had saved them once more.

But what about the other eye?

She didn’t know what to do, but the village lorekeeper did.

“Sleep with the eye to your heart tonight. The dragon will do the rest.”

That night, she slept with the broken pieces cradled to her chest. The next morning, it was gone.

Outside, a dragon roared.



Genre: fantasy

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Short Story: Two Guardians

The labyrinth-like cave held all kinds of danger for the explorers. Perilous traps, ferocious monsters, cunning puzzles. Everything in the cave posed a threat to those who entered.

Including the two guardians.

The identical statues guarded the exit. To anyone who wanted to leave the cave, they were the final obstacle.

“I give you what you want,” the statue on the left said.

“I give you what you need,” the statue on the right said.

“Make your choice,” they said together.

It was rare for an explorer to leave the cave alive. Many did not know what they truly wanted, and the guardians, too, had their own ideas of what was actually needed that could be different from what the explorers thought.

And so, the treasure continued to slumber, guarded tightly deep within the cave.


Two Sides of the Same Coin


They held their breath as the footsteps outside grew louder, but the person outside didn’t walk into their room, just kept going with increasingly soft footsteps. When they heard nothing else after that, Lilac sat up on her bed. Leon, her twin brother, climbed out from under the bed to join her.¬†

“Sneak out, get Golden to the forest, find his mom, drop him off, come back before school starts. Any questions?” Lilac asked.

“Must we find his mum?” Leon¬†asked.

“Can’t we just let the professors deal with it?” Amber leaned her cheek against her palm and hid a yawn.

“But Professor Langrain doesn’t want the others to know. That’s why we need to help him,” Lilac pointed out, “Pets aren’t allowed after all.”


She woke to a heavy pressure on her chest and a stubborn feeling that something wasn’t right. It was a sixth sense that came in handy very often, but a depressing ability to possess. Experience had thought her not to ignore it, and she was a good student. With a sigh, Professor Rainwalker left her warm covers and dressed.

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