Short Story: Sorry State

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~Sorry State~

Her eldest is in surgery. Her husband is alone in the waiting room. Her youngest curls over the abandoned game in their living room with his face in his hands as his world literally crumbles around him. And then there’s her, standing out alone at the corridor.

It would be better if she is in the operating theatre instead of her eldest. Her eldest will know exactly what to do with her youngest.

No, she isn’t completely honest with herself. She knows what to do. She just doesn’t want to because his volatile temper hurt them again.

She sighs.

She should be with him, not out here in the corridor like a wary ranger watching a dangerous beast. Her youngest is dangerous, but he is her son, and she is his mother.

She knocks the wall to announce her presence and approach her youngest, one careful step at a time until her leg almost brushes against him. Without a word, she sits on the floor with him, then wraps her youngest in a hug and combs her fingers through his hair.

“Sorry,” her youngest says in a small voice.

As you should, her bitter side thinks.

Her reasonable side points out that her youngest will never intentionally hurt his older brother, who, if he was here, will make sure her youngest knows that.

“I know. And I’m sure your brother knows that too,” she says.

There are so many other things she wants to say.

‘This is why you need to control your temper.’

‘Next time, listen when we tell you to calm down.’

‘It’s ok to be upset, but it’s not ok to break things when you’re upset.’

But she doesn’t say any of that. It’s not the right time, and she’s not the right person.

Instead, they sit together in silence, each lost in their own thoughts as they wait for the phone call that will right their world or break it.


Genre: family, fantasy

Short Story: When Life Isn’t Done With You

Genre: tragedy
Read When Life Hits You First first.


A man and a girl stood in a room, amidst the fallen bodies of the girl’s loved ones.

“Do you feel like hitting back now?” the man asked.

The girl shook her head as tears streamed  down her face. “I never want to be like you.”

The man’s face hardened. He put his gun to her head.

“Then you can join your family.”

He pulled the trigger, but only sound escaped. He had run out of bullets.

“Lucky girl.” He looked behind her to the silent bodies. “Or maybe not.”

He lifted the girl’s chin with his gun and released a contemplative hum.

“You’re still young. I’m sure we can change your mind.”

He smiled.

“Congratulations, you’ve just been adopted.”

~Continued in When Life Opens An Opportunity~

Short Story: When Life Hits You First

Genre: general, tragedy


“What do you do when everything you love is taken away from you? You either accept it or fight back. You call me a villain, but it was you and yours who threw the first punch.”

The villain stopped in front of her daughter.

“When people hit us, we hit them back. Don’t you agree?”

Her daughter shook her head. “Then everyone will get hurt and no one will be happy.”

The villain’s lips twisted. “Spoken like a true child. Let me open your eyes.”

Pain seared through her. Darkness crashed over her soon after.


~Feels like a ‘the end’ but that’s a pretty mean place to end so I continued the story in When Life Isn’t Done With You~

Mission Gone Wrong Masterlist

If you have been keeping up with my posts in the past few days, you would have noticed that unlike my usual one-shots, these posts are all parts of the same, continuous story.

There’s a reason for that.

One of my goals for October is to create a multi-chapter story. I didn’t have anything planned when I set that goal. I just thought that I had a whole month to think about it.

At the same time, to help me post something every day, I’ve been writing posts inspired by daily prompts.

So, what has happened so far this month is that I, in the process of responding to these prompts, am crafting a longer story than usual. I have a general idea of what kind of story I want to write, but I don’t know exactly what would happen until I’ve seen the prompt of the day.

It’s pretty exciting.

As of this writing, I am nine posts into the story, which is enough for me to finally give this cluster of posts a title: Mission Gone Wrong.

Navigating the different posts could be pretty confusing, so here’s a list for easy reference.

  1. Separated
  2. Collecting Duty
  3. Leap of Faith
  4. Good News, Bad News
  5. Foolish Boy
  6. Unrealised Potential
  7. Questions and Reasons
  8. Injured Parties
  9. Flattery for Hillary
  10. Promise Me This
  11. Just Keep Walking
  12. Cursed Blessing
  13. New Member
  14. Team Meeting
  15. Troubleshooting Theo

And that’s a wrap. Hope you enjoy the story 🙂

Drabble: Danger Beyond The Wall

My attempt for the July prompt ‘tears’.

Genre: fantasy


~Danger Beyond The Wall~

She didn’t know which was more embarrassing. That she had slipped and stumbled down the hill, or that she might die because of a few tiny tears in her armour.

There was a very good reason why a full body armour was part of their uniform. Beyond the city wall was the domain of monsters, each protected by skin as tough as the wall and armed with claws sharp enough to tear through it like cardboard.

But the monster she tumbled into didn’t just have sharp claws. Toxin coated its claws, and the colourless slime seeped through the tears into her skin, where it sunk into her bloodstream and spread to the rest of her body.

First was a liquid fire pain, which evolved into sharp spikes of lava needles, then white-hot chains that clamped tightly around her. The toxin was easily treatable back in the city, but alone and far away from medical help, it turned her into easy prey.

“Found her.”

One of her teammates hopped down between her and the dead monster. The rest soon followed. She released a sigh she hadn’t realised she’d been holding.

Looks like she wasn’t going to die today.