Short Story: Something Missing

“It’s fine,” his housemate said.

It wasn’t. No matter how he looked at it, his model park felt incomplete. What was he missing?

He patiently went over the checklist that was fast becoming more familiar than his own name. Grass, checked. Trees, checked. Fake people, checked. Playground, checked. Benches, checked. Decorative statues, checked. What else could a little community park need?

An idea flashed through his mind.

Grassy gardens were a dime a dozen, but gardens with a water feature, now that would elevate his project. And he wasn’t going to stop at just a water fountain. He would accept nothing less than a spray park as large as a car.

He reached for his scalpel and carved into his green felt grass.

Behind him, his housemate sighed.

“Looks like we’re having dinner on the kitchen counter again.”


Genre: slice of life