Short Story: A Skyful of Starshards

Starshards are precious, raining from the sky in light showers only once every century. Filled with celestial energy, the special minerals are used only by the most wealthy and powerful.

Every rock is used to the fullest. Even the off cuts are kept as adornments. But no matter how much they try not to waste the rare material, there will always be leftovers

Dust left in containers, crusts stuck to the edge of the tools, powder over work aprons. As long as he has the patience to gather the smattering of particles, he’s allowed to bring them home.

“I’m back. Guess what I have.”

Together with his children, they paint the iridescent powder on the bedroom ceiling, extending the starry sky they created from the previous batch he brought home.

These starshards can’t return youth, or heal wounds, or reveal the future, but they make a mesmerising sight. 

One day, he will have enough to completely coat the room. Then, it will be truly spectacular. 


Genre: fantasy