Short Story: A Professional’s Opinion

They’re dangling over the edge of a cliff, his trembling fingertips the only thing keeping them on the brink of a fatal fall, and what is his boss doing?

Scrolling through videos on her fancy curved screen phone.

He didn’t complain, because he was a professional, but internally, he made a note to brush up on his resume and look for other job prospects after the job. Of course, for him to get to that point, he needed to survive first, even with his pampered boss as dead weight.

“Found it! Would this work?”

His boss angled the OLED screen towards him to show a clip of two characters in the similar predicament to them. In a move that was more special effects than skills, they kicked and swung their way back up to safety.

He didn’t complain, even though fiction was worlds apart from reality, because he was a professional, and the idea had some merit. Without a word, he rolled his fatigued shoulders and prepared to do the impossible.


Genre: adventure?