Short Story: Morning Aliens

There were many things she disliked. Morning, traffic, idiots, people who stood on the wrong side of the escalator, and those irritating people who smiled all cheerily in the morning. What alien planet did they come from?

“Good morning, grumpy cat,” said one such morning alien.

She barred her teeth and hissed.

The alien just laughed and handed her a takeaway cup. Her fingers automatically curved around it as her nose breathed in the heavenly scent of sweet, sweet coffee.

She inhaled the whole syrup-sweetened cup in one gulp.

“No matter how many times I see it, it’s still amazing,” the morning alien said with a grin too wide for a weekday morning.

She grunted.

Yup. Aliens.


Genre: slice of life

Short Story: Riddle My Morning

Related to Morning Conundrum.


Every morning, no thanks to her dad, she woke to an annoying alarm that wouldn’t stop until she solved a riddle. It was unnecessary. It was frustrating.

And she might have figured out how to avoid it.

Her dad could program riddles into alarm clock because it had the capacity for it. So what if she used a basic, analogue alarm clock instead? Her dad couldn’t program a system that didn’t exist.

She happily set her alarm and settled down to sleep.

The next morning, she woke to a strangely muffled sound. When she opened her eyes, it wasn’t to an alarm clock on her bedside table but a locked box with a piece of paper stuck to it.

What number can you subtract half from to obtain a result of zero?

What number huh zero?

She rubbed her eyes with a groan.

That was it. Time to buy a lock for her room.



Genre: slice of life

Short Story: Normal Routine

Genre: slice of life
Related to Morning Routine and A Break In Routine.


It sounded like a thunderstorm was trapped upstairs.

“Is your housemate alright?” her mother asked as something dropped for the fourth time that morning.

“She’s fine. Just running late,” she said as she wrapped a sandwich in grease proof paper. She packed it into a bag as her housemate thundered down the stairs.

“I’m late!”

She held out the bag. “Morning. Breakfast.”


Her housemate flew out of the house like she always did.

“Is this normal?” her mother asked, looking frazzled just from watching her housemate.

She shrugged. “You get used to it. Here. Have some tea.”


Drabble: Morning Routine

Genre: general, slice of life


Every day started the same way. She woke up, ate breakfast, then packed another set that could be easily eaten on the go.

Some time later, her housemate thundered down the stairs.

“I’m late!”

She held out the breakfast pack. “Morning. Breakfast.”

“Thanks.” Her housemate grabbed the pack and dashed out, gone as quickly as she arrived.

For someone who had problems waking up in the morning, her housemate sure liked organising activities in the morning.



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