Short Story: The Secret I Hide

I was born with one brown eye and one black one. The brown eye sees things as they are, and although the black one does not always see the things in front of me, it can see much more.

It sees the past.

For my own safety, my ability is kept secret from everyone else. Even within the police force, where I offer my sight in the missing persons unit, it’s information only given on a need-to-know basis. That is, if they pass Uncle James’ very thorough check.

Some of my relatives know, simply from watching me growing up. But it’s been years since I blurted out the things I saw. How many of them still remember?

And if we’re keeping my own extended family out of the loop, then that goes doubly so for my friends. As much as we enjoy our time together, things change. People come and go, friendships grow cold or sour, and secrets have a tendency to escape eventually.

So my black eye, the one thing that has shaped me more than anything else, is the one thing I hide. Sometimes, I wonder, if I’m hiding so much of myself, what’s left for people to befriend?

“Eli, stop daydreaming and help us pick a movie. Also, I picked mushroom pizza with cheesy crust for you. If you have any objections, you should have said it before we confirmed the order.”

Jenny pulls me out of my thoughts figuratively and literally, dragging me over to the table where the rental DVDs have been laid out. Everyone shifts easily to include me in their circle.

I can’t help but smile.

Throwing my melancholy thoughts aside, I join the quest to choose a movie for the night.



Genre: slice of life

Short Story: His Own Bubble

Genre: general


If he could, he would have his own bubble. Wide enough that he could spread his arms wide in any direction without touching it, tall enough that he could jump without hitting it.

Only the things he allowed through could pass. Food (but not bitter gourd or asparagus), water (and hot chocolate. Always hot chocolate), and maybe a few special people.

His body shuddered at the memory of hurtful hands and fearsome feet, but he also remembered warm hugs and gentle head pats.

Very, very special people then. Like mum and dad. And grandma and grandpa. His younger sister… after she learnt to stop chewing on him. And definitely old Mrs. P. She gave the best hugs.

And everyone else had to stay outside his bubble. Away from him and his things and the world would be perfect.

He wrapped the thought around him like a blanket as he curled on the ground and drifted off.

“Found him. He’s over here!”


God’s word is timeless

We can take a lot of things in the Bible and put them in modern context and they’ll still make sense. A few thousand years ago, King David wrote in Psalms 12:8 “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honoured among men.” This still holds true today.

One example:

Last time, to have sex out of wedlock was scandalous. The kind of stuff where fathers would kill their daughters over. But now, in certain countries, if you’re still a virgin by the time you graduate uni, your friends will find someone for you to have sex with. Sex isn’t something only for a husband and his wife anymore. People do it anywhere with anyone. Which I think is kinda sad.

The Bishop

The other day I was listening to some songs from Les Miserables and I remembered the bishop, whose stuff got stolen by the… early protagonist. When the protagonist got brought back by a police officer, the bishop, instead of saying that the protagonist was the thief, said that he had given whatever the protagonist had stolen. Even more amazing, he offered more things to the protagonist.

This made me think of what Jesus said, “…If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” (Matthew 5:39)

It seems kinda hard to do. Isn’t it? Most of us would think nothing of sending a thief to jail for stealing our stuff. And to give more if the thief was caught…