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Short Story: Danger in a Safe Place

The pond was as shallow as a saucepan.

And a kid was drowning in it.

Equal parts concerned and perplexed, she fished the boy out of the water.

“What are you doing?” she asked after the kid stopped coughing.

“I dropped my pet.”

The ‘pet’ turned out to be a translucent blue marble with a red heart. She picked it up and handed the little thing to him.

“Be careful next time,” she said.

“Thank you Miss,” the boy said and ran off.

Out of sight, the boy whispered to the marble, “Are you OK?”

The marble uncurled and shook the water off its surface like a dog.

“I’m OK. You?”

“I’m OK too.”

“Good. Let’s go before they kill you for real this time.”



Genre: fantasy

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