Short Story: Time of Rest

She had her pot of tea gently steaming on the table, her aching feet propped comfortably on the footrest and her favourite lavender-scented puppy settled on the back of her armchair.

After a day of hard work, she had carved out this block of time for herself. Nothing and no one would break this much needed time of rest.


A sharp cry of distress cut through the air.

She shot to her feet and raced down the stairs, tea left on the table and her puppy forgotten on the floor.



Genre: slice of life, family

Short Story: Time for Work, Time for Rest

She still had a hundred contacts to follow up, dozens of emails to reply, too much stock to order, plenty of reports to write, even more plans to make.

But it was 6pm. Office hours were over.

She pulled her mind out of the many tasks vying for her attention and purposefully closed every open window she had on her computer.

The mountains of work would still be there when she returned, but for now, it was time for her to rest.



Genre: slice of life