Short Story: Like Living in a Time Loop

There were two types of people. People who liked variety, and people who didn’t.

He was the former, stuck in a village that happily lived the same day over and over again.

Rooster’s crow to start the day, oats for breakfast, morning work, sandwiches for lunch, afternoon work, rice for dinner, and the same old tales around the main campfire to finish the day.

The only variation came with the seasons. If it rained, they worked inside. Some months they planted, some months they harvested. If there was an accident or natural disaster, they gathered to resolve it.

But any other day, and he could tell, to the minute, exactly where everyone was. It was as if the whole village lived in a time loop that only he was aware of.

He couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to switch things up. Starting with oats.

For lunch.


Genre: general, slice of life

Short Story: A Break in Routine

Genre: slice of life
Related to Morning Routine.


“I’m late!”

She didn’t know how it kept happening. No matter what time she slept, late or early, she could never wake up on time.

She rushed through the kitchen and reached out of habit… but no breakfast pack waited for her. She checked the fridge, table, cabinet, anywhere she could think of that her housemate would leave food for her, but she couldn’t find it.

Did something happen?

She rushed into the other bedroom, where she found her housemate still in bed.

For a moment, she thought her housemate was dead, but she wasn’t. Just sick.

“Want me to take the day off?” she asked.

“No. I just need to sleep it off.”

So she went to work, but not before she packed a box of water, food, and anything else that might be useful and plonked it beside her housemate.

“Go. You’re going to be late.”

“I’m already late. A few more minutes won’t make any difference. Need anything else?”

“I’ll be fine. Remember to lock the door when you leave.”

“Ok. I’ll take away dinner for tonight,” she promised.

In her rush, she nearly forgot to lock the door. She usually didn’t need to, since her housemate started work later than she did. It was only halfway to work that she realized she forgot to grab breakfast.

Well, she was already late anyway. A quick stop for breakfast wouldn’t hurt.


Drabble: Morning Routine

Genre: general, slice of life


Every day started the same way. She woke up, ate breakfast, then packed another set that could be easily eaten on the go.

Some time later, her housemate thundered down the stairs.

“I’m late!”

She held out the breakfast pack. “Morning. Breakfast.”

“Thanks.” Her housemate grabbed the pack and dashed out, gone as quickly as she arrived.

For someone who had problems waking up in the morning, her housemate sure liked organising activities in the morning.



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