Short Story: Royal Family History

Genre: fantasy
Related to King Father.


Kemch’s royal family history was one that was told again and again until it was written in the heart of every child.

“The royal family began just like any other family, but when crisis came it was King Aiden who stepped up to rally the people, and they in turn appointed him as their leader, and eventually king.”

Prince Liam, in disguise to mingle uninterrupted in the market, listened to the storyteller from afar.

There were many kings and queens who had ruled Kemch, too many to share about in one sitting. Only the most exciting and notable deeds were retold. Liam knew his grandfather had a place in Kemch’s history as the king who stopped a war by hosting a dinner, and his father had achieved so many great works that the story could tell a session filled just with his father’s tales.

How would I be remembered? Liam wondered as the familiar stories of his ancestors were presented one after another.

But the royal family didn’t get to choose what they were remembered for. That was the privilege of the people. So if he wanted a place among his ancestors, he better do something worthy to be remembered by.

A hand landed on his head.

“What are you thinking about?” his father asked.

“How would I be remembered?” Prince Liam said.

A wry smile lifted the corners of his father’s lips.

“Here’s a tip from someone who was in your place just years ago. The more you try to do things just to be memorable, the more forgettable you become. Be a just, loving king who fills the needs of his kingdom, and you will naturally find the chance to shine.”

“Is that good enough?” Prince Liam asked.

“That’s what your grandfather and I am doing, and we’re included in the family history. Be faithful in the small things, and when the big things come you’ll be ready to seize your moment.”

His father clapped his shoulder. “So, let’s begin shopping for a suitable gift for our host tonight. Where shall we go? Left or right?”

Liam looked at all the stalls around them and picked the first direction that came to mind.


His father laughed.

“Then straight we go.”

His father’s large hand closed around his small one and they walked straight ahead.


Drabble: Everything But Privacy

Genre: general


He was the prince, the royal heir, the next king. Everything in the kingdom was his, everything but privacy.

“Just give me half an hour,” he said.

“We can’t. What if something happens to you?”

“I’m going to be in my own room. If I’m not safe there, I’m not safe anywhere.”

“We would rather be safe than sorry. You are too important to lose.”

It was a familiar argument. He had given up on winning long ago, but he really did need the privacy this time.


He walked off. The guards followed. He turned around the corner and slipped into the secret passage known only by the royal family. Ignoring the commotion outside, he headed deeper into the hidden corridor until he reached a small room.

Finally, privacy.

A family of birds watched him.

Almost privacy. Close enough.


Drabble: Last Ovation

My response to the prompt ovation.

Genre: tragedy


~Last Ovation~

He was one of the greatest musicians of his time, recognised by his peers and envied by those aspiring to greatness, and because of a mistake before the royal family, the performance that should have been the pinnacle of his career would now be his last.

“Any last requests?”

“May I have one last ovation?”

The king granted his request. The royal family clapped, while the nobles and servants in attendance rose to their feet and cheered.

He closed his eyes and let the cheers send him off the stage of life.



At first, I really didn’t like the prompt. All I could think of was plenty of stories about characters making the performance of their life. I was fully prepared to rework some of my older drafts and post that instead. Then this idea slowly emerged, and it’s different enough from what I assume most people would think of so I responded to the prompt anyway.