Short Story: Her First Errand

In their town, everyone received their first errand the year they turned three.

The week she turned three, a serious illness left her bedridden for two years. Even after she recovered, it took another two years before she could walk without losing her breath.

Because of that, she only ran her first errand when she was seven. Her parents didn’t want her to go at first, but everyone else was busy, and it was a simple task. All she needed to do was to bring a small bag of pumpkin seeds to a house down the street, so she volunteered herself.

Bag in hand, she walked over. Halfway out, her knees buckled and she tripped over her own feet, scattering the pale seeds all over the ground.

For a long moment, she stared at the mess, unable to believe her eyes. She was seven, and she’d failed a task that people half her age did. Not only did she fail to help, she was creating more problems. She was being a burden, again.

Hot tears running down her cheeks, she picked up the seeds, making sure not to leave a single dot behind, and turned back home.

“You dropped them? That’s alright. The seeds are for planting.”

The words gave her hope. Steps light, she set off again.

This time, she didn’t trip.


Genre: general

Short Story: From One Seed

Genre: general


Once, a boy found a seed.

What’s this? the boy wondered.

Curious, he planted the seed in the garden. Every day, he watched and waited.

Grow quickly. 

After what felt like forever (it wasn’t that long), a small green tendril broke through the earth. The little plant grew and grew, and in the blink of an eye, the sapling turned into a great bush with beautiful red flowers.

“Isn’t it pretty?” He pointed at the bush.

“It is,” his father said.

but the happiness didn’t last long. One bush became many bushes, which was nice, but then it started to pop up in unwanted places, and when people tried to uproot one bush more would just pop back into place.

What the boy had planted, it turned out, was a weed. And like most weeds, it grew. A lot.

Before the year was over, the red flowers were everywhere.

“We have to pull them all out. Not a single root can remain. Not even a little whisker,” the gardeners said.

That week, they turned the earth upside down in their quest to uproot the stubborn weed. They gathered all they found and set them on fire, both to completely destroy the weed and as a great celebration.

The boy watched the huge bonfire, knowing all of that came from one little seed, and wondered if he should be awed or afraid.