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Drabble: Misattributed

Genre: slice of life


I, a notorious prankster, had just been pranked.

And no one will believe me.

“I didn’t do it.”

“‘Course you didn’t.”

It was the first of many. Salt in the sugar jar, cling wrap across the doorway. People got angry.

At me.

“I didn’t do it.”

“Stop lying.”

In private, I looked for the real prankster, but I didn’t find him. He found me.

“Stop stealing my thunder.”

“You can have it.”

But no one listened. I didn’t dare to make people angrier, he lost his motivation for mischief.

Monotony returned.

Until the itch to prank struck again.


Drabble: A Little Pink

Genre: slice of life


“Does it look a little pink to you?”

“Looks perfectly fine to me.”

“Then you eat it.”

“No way! I mean… she made it for you. You eat it.”

“You can have it.”

“I don’t want to die.”

A third voice cut in. “What’s wrong?”

They looked at the chef.

“N… nothing’s wrong.”

“Is it because there’s only one? I’ll fix that.”

She cut the steak in half with one slice.

“Problem solved.” She sent them a deadly smile. “Anything else?”

Fearing for their lives, they frantically dug into the practically raw meat.


Drabble: One Week

Genre: family, slice of life


It would only be there for one week, but one week was a long time time to endure crawling through their own house just to get to the front door.

‘It’ was an obstacle course made out of strings, modelled after the web of laser sensors in spy movies. The course was great, but there was one problem.

They allowed her little brother the living room. He had taken most of the ground floor instead.

Fortunately for him, he had a wonderful, understanding family.

But once his birthday party was over, those strings were going down.


Prompt: temporary

Drabble: Overreaction

Genre: slice of life


She hummed as she hung the clothes up to dry. He crept up behind her, light as a feather, silent like a ninja. Without warning, he struck!

A scream cut through the air. The rest of the group rushed over.

What they found was damp clothing thrown everywhere, as if a clothes bomb had exploded where the only female in their group stood. Across from her sprawled their youngest member, half buried under a hill of clothes. A soft drink can rolled on the floor, the shiny surface wet with condensation.

“What happened?”

The girl sent them a rueful look.

“I panicked.”


Drabble: Secret Hand Signs

Genre: slice of life, humour


He finally pressed his fingers into place.

“How about that?”

His friend laughed.

“You just insulted me.” She presented her own hand. “This is how you do it.”

They were both the same!

“You’re pretty close. It’s just this finger.” She tucked his little finger halfway behind his ring ringer. “There you go.”

He looked at his hand and the pretzel his fingers had twisted into. “What part of this is subtle?”

“You only say that because you know what to look for. I started two years ago. Did you notice?”

“… No.”

“There you go. Don’t worry. With practice you can make it look natural.”

Her hand flowed from one sign to the next as she talked. She was trying to be encouraging, but seeing all the little nuances he still had to learn just stressed himself out even more.

“You can always give up if it’s too hard.” Her fingers twisted into a sign he definitely recognised. He scowled and pulled his fingers into the sign for ‘determined’.

“I can keep going.”

“You just called yourself a mum.”

He growled and threw his hands into the air. One day, he would learn the stupid signs, and it would be his turn to laugh.



Nuance reminded me of a fanfiction I read ages ago that featured fan language. Writing about fan language felt too much like copying, so I tried to come up with something else. The characters aren’t really signing. They’re just making their own hand gestures, like how we sometimes make our own secret languages.

Drowsy Days

Genre: fantasy, slice of life


He was always tired. No matter how much he slept, he couldn’t replenish his energy fast enough to replace what his superpower sucked out of him.

Because he was a minor when the ability first appeared, his parents were notified when he participated in the government’s secret super census. He hadn’t been too happy then, but now he was thankful.

They might be nosy and naggy, but they also cared enough to make sure all his teachers didn’t bother him when he slept in class, explaining his constant exhaustion away as a medical condition.

A light touch on his shoulder stirred him from his doze.

“Don, we’re moving,” Patricia said.

“Thanks.” He slid his book into his bag and followed the group out of the classroom. As he turned the corner, his phone buzzed three times in quick succession. He tapped Patricia’s back to get her attention.

“I’m not feeling very well. I’m going to go back early.”

“Ok. Take care.”


Once out of sight, he pulled out his phone. Thundude’s message was a short call for backup from the rest of the team. He changed into his gear and stashed his personal items. All the energy he had been hoarding was for this moment.

Enhancer, on the way.


Drabble: The Party

Faded colours, bland food, vacant faces, and worst of all, lukewarm coffee. If this was their idea of a party, she didn’t want to be at their funeral.

One of the hosts cut through the crowd to her side.

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

She forced a smile.


“Good to hear. Just make yourself at home.” The host helpfully topped her cup with more lukewarm coffee before heading off to talk to another guest.

She stared down into the dark liquid and reminded herself that she was here to support her friends’ very fragile self-esteem. Saying a silent apology to her taste buds, she took a gulp of the terrible coffee.

“How’s the coffee?” asked host number two who appeared out of nowhere. She almost choked on the dark liquid. All she could do was nod.

“Great. Have some more.”

She could only smile as she cried inside.



Genre: slice of life



Drabble: Voices in the Darkness

He couldn’t see anything, but he could still hear the voices. And even when his ears failed, his limbs were his eyes, feeling every bump and obstacle. Step by careful step, he navigated the darkness, focusing only on the goal ahead. The voices grew louder. More excited, but also more chaotic. He couldn’t understand the words, but he could hear the thoughts behind them.


Almost there.

Don’t give up.

He pressed on. Finally, his hands hit a wall and the voices burst into cheers. In one movement, he pulled the blindfold off.

“Yellow team wins!”



Genre: slice of life, general

Drabble: Count to ten, try again

The companion piece to Sweet Devastation.

Genre: slice of life, fantasy


~ Count to ten, try again~

All he wanted to do was to make a cake for his foster mother’s upcoming birthday. He started the day thinking that baking the cake would be the hardest part. He didn’t think that keeping the cake intact would be so much harder.

Despite his effort, he couldn’t stop the fairies from flying off with his fresh cake into the study. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse, one of the fairies blew up the cake, coating the whole room in cake bits.

He rushed to the storage room to grab some tools to clean the room, but wasn’t fast enough to spare his foster mother the shock of seeing her devastated room. Like everyone else, she couldn’t see the fairies, so he couldn’t even blame the mess on them.

Count to ten, try again.

He reached for the familiar mantra to calm himself down. He sent his foster mother out of the room, then turned to the fairies, who looked guilty and ready to help.

Unfortunately, their idea of ‘helping’ was to give his foster mother a whole new study, fairy style. The thought was nice, but she would definitely notice the new architecture, and how would he explain that? He didn’t want to get kicked out of another house.

One of the fairies turned the chair into a log bench.

“Stop that!”

The bench dropped and exploded into gummy bears.

“What happened?” his foster mother asked at the stairs.

“Nothing. Everything’s fine. Go back and rest.”

Count to ten, try again. Count to ten, try again.

Somehow, he would fix this mess. With or without the fairies’ help.


Drabble: A Little Uneven

Genre: slice of life, humour


“Something doesn’t look right.”

The snow fort they had worked on the whole morning stood before them. His half was amazing. The walls were thick, the edges looked nice, and he even managed to make the second floor they wanted.

His friend’s half, on the other hand, was half the size, and looked like a giant lumpy marshmallow.

“You don’t say,” he said drily.

“I think it looks a little uneven,” his friend said.

Just a little?”

“Just a little.”

“I’ll do it.”



When I saw the prompt, I thought of the sentence.

“Something doesn’t look right.”

I liked how that sounded, so I wrote it down and let future me decide how to continue the story.

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