Short Story: Angelic by Day, Demonic by Storm

In repose, her cat is the sweetest fluffy angel.

In a storm, her cat is a scratchy demon that shouldn’t be approached with anything less than full body coverage.

So it’s a terrible coincidence that she’s cuddling her cat when the sudden storm announces its arrival with an earth shattering boom. The feline wakes with a start and sharp claws immediately dig into her skin.

Now both of them are yowling, one in terror, one in agony, both unable to pull away from the other.

Eyes burning with tears, she makes a resolution. She’s going to build the perfect soundproof room, and she’ll train her cat to hide in it during any storm. Less stress for the cat, less scars on her skin.


Genre: slice of life

End note:

Decades later, she has a lot of fun inventing all kinds of stories to explain her scars to her kids and grandkids. Her favourite is the one where she manages to convince the twins for years that the scars are leftovers from when they sprouted out of her arms like flowers.

Short Story: Echoes of a Storm

A decade ago, a mana storm turned a bustling merchant city into a ghost town. Many died, many mutated, and many disappeared.

Even now, after the council’s painstaking effort to restore the land, people remained wary of the ravaged place. For good reason.

Ten years on, echoes of the fierce storm continued. Certain spots replayed moments in the past on repeat like a broken record, some crossroads didn’t connect to the right paths, and every few months, one of the vanished victims reappeared, looking exactly the same as the day they disappeared.

For the past five years, he had helped these people as part of the reintegration committee. It was an organization run by volunteers, but he wasn’t in it for the money.

He lost his parents and two older siblings in the storm. One day, they would return. He was sure of it. And when they did, he wanted to be there to welcome them back.


Genre: fantasy