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Short Story: Green Thumb

Genre: slice of life, fantasy


For as long as she could remember, she had an affinity for plants, and plants had an affinity for her. The fresh produce she used in the kitchen often became fruitful plants in her garden. And she liked it that way. Healthy greenery made everything feel alive.

Some people thought it was her superpower, but she’d had a green thumb long before people started developing powers. Anyway, it didn’t take superpowers to grow plants, just patience, love, and care.

Really, people needed to realise that people didn’t need superpowers to be good at something.

“Right?” she said.

The plant waved in the breeze in response.


Short Story: Parenting Pains

When a child throws a tantrum, things break, but the parent can still subdue the child until the child calms down.

When a child with super powers throws a tantrum, things break, and the parents risk serious injury or even death if they come too close.

Their youngest isn’t a bad child, but he’s at the age where temper tantrums are how he deals with setbacks. It doesn’t help that when he first started throwing things around with his mind, they caved very quickly just so that he wouldn’t bring the house down on them.

But that was in the past. They’ve improved since then.

The first tactic is to remove the trigger. In this instance, her husband, who stopped their youngest from playing with the raw chicken defrosting in the kitchen.

The second is to stay out of harm’s way. Fortunately for them, they have a neighbour with the power to fix things. Anything their youngest breaks in a fit of temper, the lovely matron can fix, but she can’t fix broken bodies. So she stays just outside the door, out of reach of the chaos inside.

The third is their eldest. The two brothers think the world of each other, and their eldest has the patience of a saint. They try to keep their trump card for the truly world ending tantrums. Their eldest has school, and they don’t want to pull him out of class so that their youngest learns to associate tantrums with extra playtime with his favourite person.

She stifles a wince as half a table smashes into even smaller pieces against the wall.

One day, their youngest will either grow out of his temper tantrums or rely on them like a clutch. They may not have superpowers, but they can at least guide their child down the right path.

So she waits patiently for their youngest to run out of steam and calm down, then walks into the disaster zone that was their living room sit next to him on the floor.

“Ready to talk?” she asks.

Her son nods.

“I’m all ears. Tell me what happened.”


Genre: fantasy, family

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Short Story: Hungry for News

Genre: superpower


In a city where superpowers existed, it was hard to stand out.

But these two did it easily.

If there was anything newsworthy, the newsanchor and camerawoman duo was first on the scene. Didn’t matter how remote, how high, how packed, they would have the best shot before their competitors even reached the scene.

And they were 100% normal.

No superpowers, no special contract to borrow anyone’s powers, just two normal people who were hungry for news.

“How do you do that?”

“Trade secret.”


Short Story: Return Storm

Genre: fantasy
Follows after Dormant Thunderstorm.


Today, she was interested in one thing and one thing only.

Getting her powers back.

When she was younger, she had the power to create thunderstorms. Unfortunately, it was too much for her to handle, and it was locked away for everyone’s safety.

Now she was moving out alone for college, and a little thunderstorm was a great way to deter anyone from trying anything funny with her.

They tried throwing her into danger, tasers, other supers, creepy crawlies. Nothing would pull her power out of dormancy.


“Calm down.” A hand landed on her head and ruffled her hair.

She snapped.

A tiny bolt of lightning zapped her brother’s hand.

“Ow! Hey. You got it!”

More electricity sizzled in the air.

“Don’t touch my hair again.”

“Ok. Ok. Just calm down.”

The air lightened. So did the tension that had gathered in her over the day. She smiled.

“I like this.”

“Of course you would,” her brother grumbled.


Drabble: Magnet for Trouble

Genre: fantasy, humour

“My girlfriend likes to joke that I’m a magnet for trouble.”

He caught a scissors that flew at him, accidentally drawn by the magnetic powers he spontaneously developed at a very bad time.

“As of yesterday, she’s technically correct.”


Triumphant Kisses

Follows after First Kiss and Behind the Kisses.
Genre: fantasy, superhero


Patricia’s first fight as a superhuman was an accident.

It was less than one month after her first kiss was stolen, and she still struggled to accept kissing as her price to use her newfound superpowers. Lost in her thoughts, she accidentally walked into a robbery.

She didn’t know who was more surprised.

In moments, she was just another hostage on the floor, hands restrained by a zip tie.

After that, the robbers ignored her, which was perfectly with her. In fact, she was content to just wait it out.

That changed when a robber turned a knife on a kid.

While everyone was distracted, she stole a kiss from the guy beside her.

Her first illusion: she wasn’t there. It would be sad if her identity was exposed before she even debuted as a superhuman. Protected by her invisibility, she gave the robbers a beating to remember.

Just kidding.

She trapped the robbers in new walls she created and called the police, stealing kisses from random people along the way to keep her illusions alive. Too many kisses later, the police finally arrived and caught all the robbers. Amid the confusion, she slipped out.

So calling that her first fight was a bit of a stretch, but just because she didn’t trade blows didn’t make it any less of a victory. Despite the odds, she triumphed!

With her morals as the only casualty.

And possibly some first kisses.

Sorry guys. It was an emergency.



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Drabble: Unsatisfied Customer

Genre: fantasy


Bitter Medic’s true power was the ability to do anything as long as the right price was paid. When customers knocked on his door with their requests, he told them the price and left it to them to decide whether to proceed or not.

But not this time.


“I’ll pay anything.”

“I can’t bring back the dead.”

That was a lie. He could do it, but too many lives would be destroyed just to bring one back.

The customer slammed the table and stood over him. “I won’t give up. One day, I’ll make you see it my way.”

Bitter Medic sat unfazed, used to the resentment of disappointed clients.

When they met again, it was as captor and captive.

“Have you changed your mind?” his ex-customer asked.

Bitter Medic ignored the knife at his face. “No.”

The ex-customer grinned. The knife glinted.

“I believe the right answer here is ‘Yes’.”


Drabble: The Supervillain Controversy

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


Every year, all registered superhumans were required to choose one of three alignments: superhero, neutral, and supervillain.

There were plenty of superhumans who chose to wield their powers as superheroes or law-abiding citizens, but there were also many who jumped at the chance to cause sanctioned chaos.

The controversial decision to include supervillains as one of the acceptable options sparked debates that never really ended.

On one hand, it was an open invitation for people to abuse their powers and distract the ‘good guys’ from using their powers to help people who actually needed them.

On the other hand, supervillains had to follow a lot of rules (like making sure their plan wasn’t dangerous to the public) to get their funding and their pardon for the crimes they would commit, and the age old fight between good and evil was great for tourism.

Sure there were some bad apples in the bunch, but they were the type that would have become supervillains anyway even without the formal paperwork. At least this way, the battles were more about showing off than life and death, and even made some dreams come true.



And… I came back to Potpourri. The prompt was too hard to resist XP

Behind the Kisses

Takes place after First Kiss.
Genre: fantasy, superpowers

“The trick to a good alter ego,” said Inna AKA Super Scout, “Is not to create a completely different person.”

“Why not?” Patricia asked.

“It’s hard to maintain. And you don’t want to give yourself an identity crisis after pretending to be someone else for a few years.”

“Then what do I do?” Patricia drew random squiggles on the pillow with her fingers.

“Design your alter ego and your civilian identity at the same time. They’ll both be you, but you’ll emphasise different sides of you. Like how some people can be the perfect kid for their parents at home and a giant nightmare for the teachers in school.”

“I can do that.”

“Brainstorming time!” Inna announced and threw a giant sheet of paper over the coffee table. “Let’s start with how you’ll collect kisses from people.”

They decided very quickly that civilian Patricia would be the kind of person who would ask politely for a kiss. For super Patricia, Inna had plenty of outrageous ideas, but Patricia, the one who would actually play the part, had the final say, and her final say was a neutral who treated kisses as a well-known price people had to pay if they wanted her services. One kiss for one minute because her power was worth it, not because she couldn’t do anything without kisses.

Once they settled on that, the rest followed naturally. Civilian Patricia would just be her normal self. Super Patricia’s defining characteristic that set her apart from civilian Patricia was how much she didn’t care about what other people think. If other people got offended or didn’t agree, too bad. She was getting her kisses no matter what.

“We did good,” Inna said as she admired the large paper, now covered with scribbles and drawings from their fruitful brainstorming session.

Patricia nodded.

“Let’s burn it.”

Patricia’s head snapped up to look at Inna.

“Unless you want to leave it around for other people to find it.” Inna shrugged.

“Let’s burn it,” Patricia quickly agreed.

“Knew you’ll see it my way.” Inna grinned and flicked a lighter on cue.

Within minutes, the only evidence left of their brainstorming session was a tray of ashes, which Inna dumped down the sink.

“Just in case there’s someone with a superpower that can turn those ashes back into paper. You never know,” was Inna’s explanation.

Well, this was it. She was going to be a superhuman. One of the special ones. She could do this. She was ready!


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First Kiss

Genre: fantasy, superpowers


There were many things Patricia thought her first kiss would be. Romantic, gentle, loving, maybe a little awkward, but definitely with someone she actually knew.

She didn’t know this stranger.

A rushed apology was the only warning she received before a girl pinned her against the wall and smashed their lips together. Twice. Patricia squirmed and pushed against the other girl but it was like fighting a wall.

“I’m Super Scout,” the girl said in a rush, “You might have heard of me before. My superpower is the ability to identify superpowers in other people. Good news. You have superpowers. You can create illusions. Your price is one kiss to use that ability for one minute.”

Super Scout kissed her twice again, dismissing Patricia’s attempts to dodge her with embarrassing ease.

“I have a second ability. I can use other people’s superpowers at double the price for half the results. Right now, I’m borrowing your powers at two kisses for thirty seconds of an illusion of me leading my pursuers somewhere else. I can’t let them catch me or bad things will happen to people like you.”

Another two kisses.

“I have another illusion around us so it looks like you’re alone on the phone. Can we go somewhere more private? In exchange, I’ll help you. Deal?”

As if the other girl would accept ‘no’ for an answer.

Patricia nodded.

“Great. Let’s go.”

A dozen more kisses later, they were seated at the table in a small cafe. The background noise covered Super Scout’s voice as she briefed Patricia on the many unseen perils of being a superhuman, tips on how to protect herself, organisations to be wary of, how to endear herself to the public…

“What if I don’t want to be a superhero?” Patricia asked.

“You can be neutral. Or a supervillain. If that’s what you want.”

“I mean, what if I just want to be normal?”

Super Scout sent her a look.

“We both know that’s not true. I know there are hundreds of superhumans out there, but superpowers are actually very rare. It’ll be a shame for you to ignore what you have.”

Patricia ran her fingers over the condensation on her glass. Having superpowers was exciting, and she would love to use her special ability, if she didn’t have to turn into a kissing monster to use it. She pressed her lips together, which were still a little swollen from Super Scout’s kiss attacks.

“Kissing isn’t a bad price, you know,” Super Scout said softly, “Better than losing a little more of your future every time you use it.”

Put that way, she certainly had the better deal, but that didn’t mean she had to accept kissing everyone as her new normal just like that.

Super Scout held out a hand. “Your phone. Gimme.”

“Why?” Patricia asked even as she handed her phone over.

“So you can call me when you’re ready. I promised you I’ll help you, and I keep my promises.”

Patricia did need the number in the end. She had jealously guarded her lips in the past because she wanted her first kiss to be special. Her first kiss was already gone, so the rest of her kisses were just another form of physical contact.

If she told herself that long enough, she might actually believe it one day.



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