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Short Story: Official Profile

Genre: slice of life, humour


As part of their “let’s get to know our new teammates better” initiative, they were writing each other’s official profile.

“Favourite colour?”

“Black. Yours?”

“Yellow. Pets?”



On the other side of the circle, they heard, “Has a penchant for honey-dipped pens.”

“Say what?”

“You eat pens?”

It wasn’t difficult to pinpoint ‘you’ as the scowling lady.

“Don’t write it like that,” she complained to her activity partner.

“I like my version better. Comedic gold.”

She frowned, then dictated loudly as she wrote, “Preferences: Has a penchant for bad jokes.”




Short Story: The Traditional Way to Greet Your Superiors

Genre: humour


“The traditional way to greet your superiors here is to spin one circle and offer booze,” the redhead said.

His brunette colleague, who had just joined them, whacked the back of his head. “Stop teasing the new kid.”

To her, he said, “Please excuse him. How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for my office,” she said.

“Which department?”

“The president’s office.”

The brunette raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know we’re getting a new PA.”

“Actually, I’m-”

“President! You’re early.”

The president’s PA approached them. The girl nodded in response.

“I wanted to look around before I start.”

To the two men, the girl said, “As I was saying, I am your new president. We’ll meet officially later.”

Then her smile stretched into a grin.

“So when can I get my booze?”


Short Story: The Sun That Shone Also Burned

Genre: humour
Related to Help from the ShadowsContract Job, and Agent Sunshine.


It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Your sunny disposition never fails to light up my day.”

They had teased him for too long.

“Morning, my only Sunshine!”

It was time to show them that the sun that shone also burned.

“Anyone seen my boots?”

“Where’s my charger?”

“I can’t find my… #$@&*! What’s it doing on the ceiling?”


Second Opinion

Genre: slice of life, family
Follows after Before the Interview.


~Second Opinion~

“So. First impression?” Leora asked after Edmund left.

Lavi raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re asking this now?”

“It’s good to have a second opinion,” Leora argued.

“And what? If I say he’s not good you’ll fire him? Because I can do that.”

Leora frowned. “That’s mean.”

“What’s wrong with the other candidates? Lavi asked as he settled into his chair.

Leora leaned against his table. “What’s wrong with Edmund?”

“He’s a guy.”


“What if he does this and that to you while you’re sleeping?” Lavi’s fingers rapped the table in growing agitation.

Leora drew back. “He won’t do that.”

“How do you know that?” Lavi shot back.

“He has three younger sisters. Protecting girls is in his blood.”

Lavi’s fingers stilled. “And you know this… how?”

Leora folded her arms and smirked. “Research.”

“… You’re a stalker. My sister is a stalker.”

The smirk fell.

“What? No. I’m not!”

Lavi made a show of rubbing his chin. “Maybe I should be protecting him from you instead.”

Leora spun over the table and starting slapping him. Lavi blocked with his arm.

“Brother abuse!”

In the end, they never found out what Lavi thought about Edmund.



Check out Edmund’s first day as a bodyguard in A Day of Firsts.

Camp NaNoWriMo Part 3

Genre: slice of life

First part here.
Previous part here.


Darius looked between his guest and his housemate. They ignored him in favour of their staring contest.

“Do you know each other?” he asked.

“Do we?” his housemate said.

After a pause, his guest said, “No.”


A thought struck him. He hadn’t told her about her housemate. She must be staring because she was suspicious of him, and his housemate must be staring back because he liked teasing people.

“This is Walter, my housemate. He knows first aid. He won’t hurt you. Right, Walter?”

His housemate didn’t respond. If Darius was a little braver, he would have nudged the other man.

“Right?” Darius prompted.

“Of course. Come, take a seat…”

Walter looked at the girl, waiting for a name. When she didn’t say anything, he turned his attention to Darius. Darius lifted his hands and shook his head.

“… little girl,” Walter finished.

Something flashed in the girl’s eyes. She sent Walter a glare.

“Lily,” she said.

“Lily,” Walter said with a nod.

Lily settled on a chair and Walter opened the first aid kit.

“How did you end up like this?” he asked as he treated Lily’s wounds.

“Accident,” she muttered.

It was like watching a vet treat a jumpy wild cat. Darius really shouldn’t feel so amused at the scene, but it was hard not to. Once he was sure the two of them wouldn’t start a fight, he left before he burst out laughing and turned their annoyance at him.

He headed into the kitchen and kept himself busy putting a snack platter together. His parents had never let anyone leave the house hungry, and neither would he. Even if Lily turned the food down, at least he gave her the option to do so. Anyway, food was good for recovery. He was somewhat responsible for her injuries after all.

Once he was done, he lifted the platter and returned to the entrance hall.

Walter and Lily were pinching each other’s cheeks. Walter looked amused, Lily looked ready to push someone off a building.

“… What are you doing?”

“Bonding,” Walter said.

“Bonding,” Darius repeated in a daze. His mature, dignified, always sometimes scary housemate was ‘bonding’ with a girl almost half his age by pinching each other like kids.

“It’s great. You should try it. Breaks the ice 10 out of 10,” Walter said.

Darius looked at the scowl on Lily’s face.

Ice wouldn’t be the only thing breaking if he did that.

“I brought food. Hungry?”

The two kids dropped each other’s cheeks and reached for the buns on the platter. Almost as one, they peeled the crunchy outer layer off the soft inside. They looked at each other, then looked down at the two bun pieces in their hands. Walter paused the crunchy skin to Lily. Lily handed over the soft bread heart in exchange.

“Are you sure you don’t know each other?”


Sure. And he was a cat from the moon.

Darius bit into his own bun. If they wanted to pretend they didn’t know each other, fine. He wasn’t blind. The clues were there. And if he played detective well enough, he might finally learn more about his housemate who had mysteriously dropped into his life last year.

~Continue here~

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