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Short Story: Leaf a Message

Genre: general, fantasy?


He wrote on every leaf he could get his hands on. The same message, again and again.

Help. Trapped in tree.

He threw the leaves at people, on the ground, in the air, just waiting for one person to notice the message.

No one did.



Drabble: The Ancient Tree that wasn’t Ancient

Written in response to the prompt ancient.

Genre: fantasy


~The Ancient Tree that wasn’t Ancient~

That tree was as old as time itself.

Was what people said. She knew the tree wasn’t as ancient as people thought. After all, she was the one who planted the tree as a young sapling, and she wasn’t that old.

But for a tree she had only planted five years ago, it certainly looked ancient, towering effortlessly over everyone and everything with branches and roots that stretched for miles. She knew the sapling would grow into something big, but it wasn’t supposed to burst into something so big so quickly.

It didn’t make sense.

Casual questions revealed that she was possibly the only person left who remembered a time when the tree didn’t exist. Even her cousin, who had watched her pat the earth around the slender stem, thought the tree had been there for as long as he remembered, and he wasn’t the kind of person to play pranks on others.

She stared up at the tree, hands on her waist.

It still didn’t make sense.

* * *

Two fairies hid behind a mushroom.

“She still remembers.”

“We can’t do anything. The magic won’t work on the tree planter.”

“We can’t go back home if she’s still there.”

“We’ll just have to wait. She has to go back eventually.”

“Go back faster human. I’m hungry.”

“Shh. Don’t let her hear you. It took us so long to find this home. I don’t want to find another tree.”

With a quiet grumble, the two fairies settled down and waited for the human to leave the tree.



When I was brainstorming ideas for my response to this prompt, one of the sentences I came up with was “That tree was as old as time itself”.

The sentence sounded too interesting to throw away, so I put it down as the start to my drabble. The rest of this piece was basically me trying to spin a story out of that sentence. Never thought I would write about fairies, but hey, whatever works.

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