Short Story: Dormant Thunderstorm

Genre: fantasy


The indoor thunderstorm came from one source: a little girl no older than twelve. The superpower, despite how destructive it looked, wasn’t actually dangerous, if she could actually control it.

In the past, they would have locked her away for everyone’s safety. Now there were laws against that, so they had to get creative. Considering her age, they decided to lock away her powers and keep it dormant until she was ready.

For years, it was the perfect solution. Then she finished high school, and her parents requested for her powers to be returned so she had some form of self-defence when she moved out for college.

Except, the power wouldn’t wake up.


Short Story: Because of a Lollipop

Genre: fantasy


Lavi took one look at what used to be a lab and demanded, “What happened here?”

Bennett and Benjamin, the only conscious people left, looked helplessly at each other.

How could they explain that the disaster started because someone stepped barefooted on a lollipop and freaked out, which startled the new Fighter they were examining, whose power lashed out and shocked every single equipment into malfunctioning and knocking out almost everyone and most of the lab.

Lavi pointed at Benjamin.

“You. Explain.”

Benjamin cleared his throat.

“Someone dropped a lollipop, sir.”


Short Story: Wriggly Soil

Genre: fantasy


“Hey! Look at this.”

‘This’ was a clump of soil that wriggled whenever they spoke.

“Separate that from the rest and observe.”

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Short Story: The Cheesecake

Genre: slice of life

Savor: taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it to the full.


~The Cheesecake~

Deep, red strawberries. Pure white cream. Beautifully golden body. The cheesecake was picture worthy just as it was.

The fork dug easily into the cake all the way through the biscuit base. One bite, and it was gone. The cheese melted easily on the tongue, refreshingly sour from the lemon but also light from the cream, topped with the crunch from the delightfully creamy base.

The next mouthful had the strawberry. Its sweet-sourness mingled with the rest of the cake for a flavour party in the mouth.

A third scoop picked up the rest of the little piece of heaven. It disappeared way too quickly, like frost in the sun, leaving only its sweet-sour memory behind.

The now empty plate joined the stack of three others.

“One more!”


Short Story: Family Time Capsule

Genre: slice of life


She found her youngest son patting the ground at the corner of the garden.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m burying my family time capsule.”

“Family time capsule?” Her two older ones had created their own time capsules a few years back, but she hadn’t heard of a family version before.

“Teacher told us to write a letter to future us and put our favourite things inside. My favourite things are us, so I put us inside too.”

Aww. How precious. “How?”

“I put our blankies and your favourite watch inside. I wanted to put Daddy’s car in but it was too heavy, so I put the car keys.”

Her son smiled. She really didn’t want to be the one to take that smile away, but the family time capsule couldn’t stay buried.

“Honey, that sounds great. Can you dig it up again so I can see it?”


Short Story: The Savage

Genre: fantasy
“It’s the savage again,” they whispered as she passed.

“Look at those scars.”

“She needs to throw that hideous cloak away.”

She held her head as she walked past. Without her, all of them would be dead.

“Why bother? Just let us have them,” the demon said, invisible to all but her kind.

She ignored the words with years of practice. Right now, while the barrier between their worlds were up, they were like mirages on different planes to each other. Come sundown, when the barrier thinned, she would fight like the savage people called her. Not for them, but for her kind.


Short Story: Can I Have Your Feather?

Genre: fantasy
“Can I have your feather?” the boy asked very seriously.

Unlike the other seven birds he asked before, this bird didn’t fly away.

“Why do you want a feather?”

The boy’s eyes widened.

“Uncle said he’ll make a quill for Daddy if I give him a feather,” he told the bird.

“Why does your father want a quill?”

“I don’t know. But Daddy likes quills and it’s his birthday next month.”

The bird scratched her back with her beak.

“Fine. I’ll let you have one.”

The boy smiled. “Thank you!”

“Over here. Behind you.”

The boy turned around. A lady stood behind him with a beautiful feather longer than his hand.


The lady smiled. She held the feather out to him. “I don’t give my feathers to just anyone, so keep it safe. Got it?”

“Got it.”

Holding the feather in both hands, the boy ran off. Unseen behind him, the lady unfurled her wings and flew away.


Short Story: My Daddy Said

Genre: general, humour


“My daddy said ‘If you start something finish it,” the student said.

“That’s good, but how does that answer why you plucked all the feathers off this poor chicken?” the teacher asked as she ran a soothing hand over the naked chicken.

“It was an accident, Miss. I pulled some feathers, so I pulled all the feathers from the wing, then all the feathers,” the student said with scratch marks all along his arms from the chicken.

The teacher didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She settled for a stern but understanding ‘teacher face’ and carefully considered her words.

“Do you think it was good to pluck the chicken’s feathers?”

“No, Miss.”

“It’s good that you finished what you started, but next time, if you’re doing something that doesn’t feel right, ask your teacher or parents first, okay?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“You’re dismissed. Go back to class.”

She was definitely telling her husband about this tonight.


I Am Blessed

Not long ago, I celebrated my birthday with a party, and it was a day of warm, fuzzy feelings.

I am blessed to have family and friends willing to take the time to help make the party happen.

I am blessed to have friends willing to take the time to celebrate me.

I am blessed to have friends who care and know me enough to give me gifts I would actually love to use.

I’m recording this here because it’s easy to feel blessed and loved now while the memory is fresh, but there will be darker days in the future. Days when I think:

No one cares about me.

God has forgotten me.

When that happens, I can look back to this and remember that I am so loved, by people and by God.

If you have moments like this, I encourage you to write them down, because it’s easy to forget the good times when you need them most.

Short Story: Red Light, Green Light

Genre: action
“Have you played Red Light, Green Light before?”

The little girl nodded.

“It can only see you if you move. Just like Red Light, Green Light. Now it’s looking at us, so don’t move. Once it looks away, run. Understand?”

She nodded against his leg. Her tiny fingers dug into his pants. He freed a hand to pat her head.

“‘Home’ is that uncle over there.” He pointed to his squad mate by the door, who waved back at them. “If you’re really close to home and the monster looks back, keep running. You’ll be safe once you reach home. Alright?”

The girl gave him another tense nod.

“Good girl.”

They waited as the rest of his squad drew the monster’s attention. Finally, it turned its back on them. The girl dashed towards the exit.

But she could never run fast enough, because he lied. The monster didn’t need motion to see things, but it was attracted to things that moved, and the girl was moving the fastest out of them all.

That was where he came in. He stood as a shield between her and the monster with his weapons raised.

Now that the civilian was out of the way, it was time to get back to work. That monster was going down.


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