Short Story: The Same Kind of People

Follows after Change the World and Friends Turned Strangers. It’s best to read them first for context


~The Same Kind of People~

The breeze made her long hair and dress dance to its rhythm. If he ignored the muzzle over her face and the shackles around her wrists, he could imagine that it was his daughter standing before him, rather than the mastermind who had killed her.

His heart ached from the empty hole left behind from his daughter’s death, but it had been a pivotal moment that eventually brought the mastermind down. He couldn’t regret her death.

“You’re both the same kind of people,” said the mastermind’s friend.

“What do you mean?” he asked the shorter man.

“‘The end justifies the mean’. ‘Whatever the cost’. ‘Needs must’. ‘Collateral damage’. All the terrible things she did was for the goal of changing the world for the better. All the destruction you caused was the acceptable collateral of bringing her down. The only difference is that you have the system on your side, and she didn’t.”

His fists clenched by his side at the accusation.

“She killed a lot of people.”

“You would have too. If your team members didn’t step in.”

There was a grain of truth in there, which just irritated him even more.

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m just saying that I’ve seen good people do horrible things for the right reason. And that it would be good to listen to why she did the things she did.”

“Can’t you tells us? You were her second-in-command.”

The shorter man shook his head. “I shared her dream, but it was never mine. And don’t you remember? I betrayed her in the end.”

He looked at the shorter man, who watched the captured mastermind with bittersweet eyes, and had a flash of insight.

If he and the mastermind were people who thought the end justified the means, then this was a man who cared as much about the journey as the destination. Looking back at their interactions, they had only ever argued over how things were done.

“Anyway, I won’t be around for you to ask.”

“What do you mean?”

The shorter man shrugged.

The next day, he disappeared with a note left in his room.

Play nice you two.

If that man thought that he would work together with his daughter’s killer for any reason… he would be right. Because they’ve caught the ringleader, but the rest of her group was still out there, and with their insider gone, she was their only contact.

Well, needs must. If working on the same team was what they needed to solve their problem, then that was what they would do.

It was time to see how similar they really were.


Genre: general



Short Story: Campfire Night

Every Saturday after dinner, without any prompting, the kids scampered upstairs to brush their teeth and change into their pyjamas. And if they were feeling extra impatient, they would even help wash the dishes and clean up so that the adults could get ready for bed sooner. Because Saturday night was campfire night, and there was no time to lose.

Once the whole family was ready, they snuggled into their nest of blankets. Instead of a real campfire, they set a torchlight under their special brazier, so that when the light shone through, the whole room turned red like a real campfire.

And then it was story time.

“Once upon a time, there was a house made out of cheese…”


Genre: slice of life, family

Short Story: Tempting Offer

It was a tempting offer.

“Buy one, get two free.”

Too tempting.

“If you buy now I’ll also give you this.”

Something had to be up.


“I don’t want you to buy from her,” the shopkeeper pointed to the next store.

“Even if you lose money?”

The shopkeeper nodded.

Huh. There really were people who would cut their nose to spite their face. The question was, would he help?

“How about this. I don’t buy from you, and I won’t buy from her.”

The shopkeeper shook the items for emphasis. “It’s a good offer.”

“A very good offer. But I don’t want to make you lose money.”

Conflicted emotions wavered on the shopkeeper’s face. He quickly ducked out of the stall.

“Have a nice day,” he said and escaped back into the busy human river.

Phew. Competition was tough.


Genre: slice of life
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Short Story: Morning Aliens

There were many things she disliked. Morning, traffic, idiots, people who stood on the wrong side of the escalator, and those irritating people who smiled all cheerily in the morning. What alien planet did they come from?

“Good morning, grumpy cat,” said one such morning alien.

She barred her teeth and hissed.

The alien just laughed and handed her a takeaway cup. Her fingers automatically curved around it as her nose breathed in the heavenly scent of sweet, sweet coffee.

She inhaled the whole syrup-sweetened cup in one gulp.

“No matter how many times I see it, it’s still amazing,” the morning alien said with a grin too wide for a weekday morning.

She grunted.

Yup. Aliens.


Genre: slice of life

Short Story: Bedtime

Teeth: brushed. Pyjamas: on. Schoolbag: packed. Homework: done. She was ready for bed!

She scampered to the living room. Mummy was still talking to their guests. Daddy wasn’t talking. She went to Daddy and tugged his hand.

“Bedtime!” she said.

“If you say so,” Daddy said and let her pull him out of his chair.

“Oh, that’s precious,” the guest said, “Mine will never go to bed if I don’t tell him to.”

She bounded up the stairs to her room and clambered into her bed. Daddy tucked the blanket around her, then ran a hand through her hair as he said a prayer over her of peace and protection.

“Goodnight, Daddy.”

“Goodnight, love.” Daddy kissed her forehead. “See you in the morning.”

She closed her eyes and let herself sink into the familiar floating cloud of sleep. Then, like walking through a door she walked into her dream.

When she opened her eyes again, it was to a familiar street. She skipped to the house as familiar as her own and knocked. One-two, one-two-three, one-two, one-two.

Behind the door came the answering knock. One-two, one-two-three, one-two, one-two. Then the door opened and there stood her best friend.

“I’m back!”


Genre: family

Short Story: From Across the Street

The public saw a homeless man and their gaze slid naturally off him. Even slumped on his side, not a single person tried to wake him.


Leaving his physical body to the unwitting protection of the uncaring public, his conscience flew towards the building across him.

In this form, he had no physical presence to trigger any alarm. He passed through the doors that kept him out, went unnoticed by the staff who wouldn’t let him in, and…

And where are you going?

He hit an unseen wall that flung him back across the street into his body. His body jolted, startling the one bird that had settled on his motionless body. Despite his pounding head, he smiled.

This was it.

He settled back down on the hard street and tried again. The same person flung him back out just moments later, but he didn’t let it faze him. After all his wandering, he finally found someone else like him. 

There was no way he was giving up now.

He charged again and again, until his mind was so muddled he couldn’t even tell whether he was in his body or out.

What do you want?

Iwantnotaloneteachmeyou his scrambled thoughts sprung up in response.

For a long time, the other voice was silent. Then.

Ah. Well, then. If you come in, I’ll accept you as my student.

His body didn’t want to move, but he refused to lose the chance when he had fought to come so close. He forced himself to his feet and stumbled like a drunk across the street. In his haze, he didn’t realise he had reached the house until he bumped into a wall.

“Well done. Now get some rest.”



Genre: fantasy

Short Story: Mini Mystery

The end of a rope stuck out from underneath the sofa. She reaches down to grab the rope and pulls.

A small takeaway paper bag slides into sight.

She gags. How long has it been there? She can’t bring herself to check, but she needs to be sure. She reaches for the knot tying the bag close.

“Mum!” Her youngest dashes to her side. “Gimme.”

“What is this?” she asks instead.

Her youngest shifts from foot to foot, then dashes off once more to return with her eldest.

“Oh. You found it,” her eldest says, “Thanks, mum.”

He reaches for the bundle and she hands it over without a thought. By the time her mind catches up, the bag is already in her eldest son’s hands.

“What’s in it?” she asks.

“A surprise. You’ll see.”

And she does. Two weeks later, when her two boys present her with a set of handmade earrings and necklace strung together with the materials they had hidden in the bag.

“Happy birthday, mum!”


Genre: slice of life

Parenting PainsDangerous Disagreement | Sorry State | After the Accident | Mini Mystery

Short Story: In The Water

Her hair waved around her as she floated in the water. She watched the dark tendrils, letting them distract her so she could last just a little longer without fresh air.

Someone said something above the water. Water garbled the words out of recognition but she still recognised the voice that said them. She should go up, but she still had some air in her.

She looked at her brother, who looked back. He pointed up to the surface, then showed three fingers. She nodded.

Three. Two. One.

They surfaced at the same time and gulped their first breath in awhile. Beside the pool, their father set a tray of food on the table. The savoury smell cut through the chlorine and made her mouth water.

Her brother dove like an eel into the water. She chose to keep her nose above the water and doggy paddled her way towards the delightful smell.

They could continue their competition after they fuelled up.


Genre: slice of life

Goals of Logical Dreams: May Recap + June Goals

Without realising it, another month has passed.

Last month, I aimed to post something every day. Didn’t quite make it, though I did post quite a bit so that’s something.

During the month, Logicaldream also received its 250th follower. \( ゚ヮ゚)/

In celebration of that, here are my goals for June:
Update my fiction navigation and ‘most liked’ stories
Create a special post. I’m thinking of a Q&A session, or maybe a little something on myself or the blog. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments 🙂

Until next time.

Short Story: The Giant Plushie

A giant plushie sat in the room.

“Did you find the plushie?” her classmate asked.

“Yup.” In fact, the massive plushie dominating the room was the only thing she could see.

“Great. Bring it over.”

She looked up at the plushie that towered over her.


“What do you mean how? Just pick it up.”

“It’s bigger than me.”

“What are you talking about?” Her classmate walked over from the living room to join her, only to pause at the door. “Wow. That’s huge.”

“As you can see, I can’t ‘just pick it up’.”

“Oh. I wasn’t talking about this plushie.” Her classmate walked around the giant plushie to pick up a much smaller plushie off the shelf and shook it for emphasis. “This one.”

“Then what’s this one?” She gestured to the giant plushie.

“Dunno.” Her classmate shrugged as he walked around the giant plushie once more. “Must be something my brother’s doing for his channel.”

“That’s right!” the giant plushie said and waved its arms.

She screamed and punched the plushie so hard it rolled on its back.

Later, after her classmate stopped laughing and his brother crawled out of the giant plushie, she learnt that she had just been filmed in her classmate’s brother’s reaction video for his channel.

She sulked quietly at the prank while the two brothers reviewed the footage. Whatever they saw must have been good because they turned to her with twin looks of excitement.

“Can we publish this?” the two brothers asked.

“… Fine,” she said. She was never, ever, ever coming back to this house.

One week later…

“My brother made a whole table of panna cottas. Wanna come over and help us eat some?”



Genre: slice of life

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