Special Announcement: Maybe Psychic Complete

Some of you may be aware that I’ve been working on a Webtoon/webcomic with a friend.

At 5 parts, Maybe Psychic is now complete. You can check it out here or search us up in the Webtoon app. If you have an account it would be great if you can support us with a like or a comment 🙂


Blurb for Maybe Psychic:

‘All I have is two things. My name is Jonah, and I am a psychic.’

Jonah wakes to find his memories gone while helping his client find his missing niece. He doesn’t remember how to be a psychic, but his client is insistent, and well, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?

Short Story: Her Brother’s Humans

She can’t believe it. They have worked so hard for so long, only for her brother to put everything on the line for something as frivolous as a jacket.

The jacket isn’t even theirs. It belongs to some humans that her brother has taken an interest in, enough that he is willing to throw himself into their fight.

She fights alongside him. Not because she cares about the humans or understands his motive, but because they always support each other, no matter what.

The difficult part isn’t the fight, but tempering her strength. Humans are fragile, and even the strongest human among the group is like a house fire to her and her brother’s blazing firestorm. She fights with light touches and swipes from afar, but as much as possible, she leaves the humans to fight among themselves.

Her brother’s humans see the gap in strength between them and wants to be stronger, so she spars with them. She is as gentle as you can possibly be, but even that leaves the humans exhausted.

She doesn’t understand why her brother wastes his time on these humans. They are weak, care too much about the unimportant things, and will be gone in the blink of an eye. Why waste their time with them?

Then one of them knocks her staff out of her hand.

She has been gentle with them, but it’s still an achievement. The humans continue their sparring session with renewed strength, and she allows herself to be a little less gentle.

Little by little, she unveils more of her strength, and the humans chase after her and her brother with everything they have, until the day comes when she actually needs to make an effort as she spars.

It is great progress in a short period of time, and she watches the delight in her brother’s face as his humans continue to grow.

She thinks she might know why he’s putting everything on the line for them.


Genre: fantasy

Short Story: Human Android

He watched as the professor worked on her latest project. The hardware was ready. It was the software that wasn’t complete yet.

As he watched, he wondered if the professor had been as meticulous with his software as she was with this new android, the one she claimed would be her ‘best one yet’ to herself when her spirits ran low.

Was he not enough? Why did the professor need a new android? Was he incomplete?

The question ran in his mind day after day, until he finally couldn’t take it any longer and confronted the professor. But in the face of his questions, she only showed confusion.

“What do you mean? You’re not an android.”

He frowned. “Of course I am. Look at my arms.”

He thrust out his hands, showing the lines that ran down his carbon fibre limbs.

“You’re not an android. Those are prosthetic limbs. Your legs are the same too. Most of your body, actually. You were caught in a very bad accident. But you still have your human parts.”

The professor reached over to tug his hair.

“Feel that? That’s your real hair. Androids don’t have hair. Not their own, anyway.”

Him? Human? But how?

“Have you been thinking you’re an android this whole time?” the professor asked.

His silence was answer enough.

The professor set down her tools.

“That won’t do. Come on.”

The professor offered her hand to her, just like the first memory he had of her. He put a tentative hand in hers.

“It’s time to set some things straight.”



Genre: science fiction maybe?

Short Story: Elusive Thief

For weeks, things had gone missing from the kitchen table. Specifically, food. Cookies, meat, noodles, dough trimmings, even leftover lemons after zesting them. No one else in the house admitted to taking her food, but if an outsider was the culprit they would be missing much more than just food.

So she set up a surveillance camera and took her dog out for a walk, multiple times, at different times of the week with different bait. But nothing happened. In the end, she just had to make sure she kept her food straightaway and not leave it our for the elusive thief.

Before she kept the camera away, she watched the footage from the beginning of the installation to the end.

She found her thief.

On screen, her own dog pushed a chair away from the kitchen table and jumped on it. With the added height, her dog sniffed around the tabletop, found no food scraps lying around, then hopped back down to the floor. But before the crafty canine left, a swift kick sent the chair back into place.

Her trusty companion… was the thief.

This wasn’t why she paid for puppy school!


Genre: slice of life

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 5

It’s day 5 of NaNoWriMo. I haven’t started writing for today yet, but so far, I think I’m doing ok.

It’s actually been a pleasure to be able to write a bunch of words without needing to care about quality. Not sure if I’m using the right word? Just write whatever I feel it might be and move on. Need to transition between scenes? Just brush it over with a few words (or a few hundred words. Gotta hit that word count).

I find that I’m doing a lot of discovery at the moment. Especially of my characters. The caring, motherly character I planned in my head, after I start putting her on paper, turns out to have a mischievous, sadistic streak who loves teasing interesting reactions out of people. The character I was considering taking out of the story is turning into quite the worrywart, worrying over things I originally thought the motherly character would worry about.

By the end of this mad exercise, I may only keep a quarter of what I write, or maybe even less, but I’m excited to see what gems I’ll find under all the nonsense l’ll be writing just to fill the word count.

All the best to everyone participating in NaNoWriMo. And remember. It doesn’t matter what you write, just that you do.

Have fun.

Love Letter from God: In Times of Trouble

My child,

In this world you will face troubles and tough times, but do not worry, for I am with you. I have placed tools in your life and positioned people in your path to help you. Listen to wise advice, and turn away from those who seek to pull you down.

Like gold refined in fire, these tough times will strengthen and perfect your character. Rest in me and give me your burdens. I will not give you more than you can handle.

Loving you in every moment,



I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. ~John 16:33

I Am Blessed

Not long ago, I celebrated my birthday with a party, and it was a day of warm, fuzzy feelings.

I am blessed to have family and friends willing to take the time to help make the party happen.

I am blessed to have friends willing to take the time to celebrate me.

I am blessed to have friends who care and know me enough to give me gifts I would actually love to use.

I’m recording this here because it’s easy to feel blessed and loved now while the memory is fresh, but there will be darker days in the future. Days when I think:

No one cares about me.

God has forgotten me.

When that happens, I can look back to this and remember that I am so loved, by people and by God.

If you have moments like this, I encourage you to write them down, because it’s easy to forget the good times when you need them most.

Drabble: Tangled Together

Genre: family, friendship, slice of life


They couldn’t stand each other, but their lives were so tangled together that they couldn’t go their separate ways anymore. When they began their symbiotic relationship decades ago, they never expected it to go so well, or for their friendship to turn so sour.

“Oooh! This is nice. Did you make it?”

“Have you started the game yet?”

“We’re having a movie marathon this weekend, wanna join?”

The two men watched the family from their usual spot, side by side at the small table at the corner.

At least their family liked each other.


Drabble: Just Another Ordinary Day

Genre: fantasy


“How was your day?” his classmate asked.

It started with a sudden awakening when the werewolf next door accidentally smashed a hole in his wall trying to turn off his alarm. Eyes still heavy with sleep, he rushed over with his staff and cast an illusion over the damage before the normal folks noticed.

On the way back, he found someone’s familiar stalking a human. He managed to snatch the familiar away before something irreversible happened, but his reputation wasn’t as lucky.

Breakfast… what breakfast? He needed all his limbs, mundane and magical, to keep the familiar contained until its master came.

Then it was time for class, and he barely remembered to leave his seven foot staff behind before leaving the house.

Not that he could share any of that with his completely unmagical human friend.

He shrugged. “Just another ordinary day.”


Playing Monopoly with kids

For the Chinese, Chinese New Year is a time where extended families gather together from all around the world, and friends and relatives visit each other.

Which means kids. And this set of kids I ended up with one day wanted to play Monopoly.

There were six of us, so we randomly split into three groups of two. Already, we had an issue. Someone wanted to team with someone else. Fortunately, no one else actually cared, so it didn’t become a big deal.

So we distributed the money, chose our tokens, and started the game. It was pretty normal, other then the fact that theth kids had trouble remembering whose turn it was (maybe that, too, is normal). One team was super unfortunate, but they didn’t fuss much, which was great. One team that had a lot of money actually decided not to buy a house when they could because they would ‘lose money’.

After some time, one kid introduced the rule that people could ‘cheat’ if they give all the teams 1000 Monopoly money (bribery!). In this case, it let the rich team get a hotel straightaway for their property. But that wasn’t all. They rolled a special red dice to get a ‘3’, and that let them roll four times in a row during their turn for the rest of the game.

The rest of the game kinda fell apart some time afterwards. I don’t remember who won. I left when they said they would start counting to see who won. I’m pretty sure they didn’t really do it in the end though.