Most Liked Stories

As the name suggests, here’s a list of the more popular stories on this blog. If you’re looking for a random read, this is a good place to start.



Travelling Conqueror – A bored conqueror needs a reason to stay and rule.

A Date? – Theo’s going on… a date?

His Own Bubble – If he could, he would have his own bubble.

Can’t Take A Joke – Thieves + social media = police.

Robbery Gone Wrong – Some targets are not worth robbing.

Plan A – His plan was brilliant. It just didn’t last ten seconds after it was put into action.

All or Nothing – The brother spent his fortune on a fruitless search. The sister spent her fortune to bring him back.

A Man of Few Words – But when it counted, he would speak.

Tower Defence – Next time her friends ask her to playtest their games, she’s going to ask for more than just dinner.


Slice of life

Whipping Cream – The stand mixer sputters to a stop while they have bucketloads of cream to whisk. What do?

Morning Routine – Every day started the same way.

A Little Pink – Something’s a little pink, and neither of them want it.

Misattributed – I, a notorious prankster, had just been pranked. And no one will believe me.

School Days – The smell of Milo brings back some old memories.

After the Adventure – “What’s this?” “If you figure it out, it’s yours.”

Mnemonics – Ten bottles of fried chicken to lemon cow fly over my money.

Cookie Days – “I stole the cookie from the cookie jar!”

Energetic Puppy – He thought he was energetic. This puppy showed him that he still had much to learn.

House Explorers – Every year, they moved to a new house.

Pep Talk – “Are you giving a pep talk… to the pepper plant?”

Bedtime –  Like walking through a door she walked into her dream.

Bunnies on the Loose – The moment she logged in, the game greeted her with an event quest.

Creative Test – She either had someone who would need extra help, or a troll on her hands.



Sweet Division – Three people. Two cakes. One problem.

My Sun – “Should I be jealous that my husband is writing such sweet promises to another woman?”

Sibling Squabble – We’re not fighting. This is just… a harmless sibling squabble.

Their Laughter – He could tell his family apart by their laughter.

Clothes for Loved Ones – Every stitch was a prayer of health, safety, peace.

Saturday Zen Time – Every Sunday morning from 8 to 9, her grandfather sits out in the gazebo to draw lines on paper.



A Different Kind of Hero – If there was ever a competition to decide who had the lamest superpower, she would win. Hands down. No contest.

Before the Interview – While waiting for a job interview, Edmund has a conversation.

The Sun that Shone Also Burned – It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. (Start from Help from the Shadows for context)

To Leave The Palace – Entering the fairy palace was easy. Getting out was the difficult part.

Discovery – A supervillain’s secret identity is discovered. (Start from Secret Inheritance for context)

Promise Me – He waited in the bush so long that when she finally appeared, he couldn’t move.

Parenting Pains – When a child with super powers throws a tantrum.

Retrospective Introspection – A look back at the art he created. (Start from Hands of Destruction for context)

An Ordinary House – At a cursory glance, the house looks like a plain, ordinary house.

The King and The Girl – Over the years, the king continued to change, but the girl remained the same.

The Dragon and The Human – The dragon looked down at the human with lazy amusement.

Hunger – “I have a proposition for you. Become my familiar, and you will never go hungry.”

The Charismatic Traveller – In a world overrun with monsters, travellers were rare.

Daily Routine – Alan started his day with the sunrise.

A Cloudy Day – It’s a cloudy day. In his living room.


Tragedy / sad stuff

Through the Ages – A snapshot of discoveries of loss collected over a lifetime.

Nightly Torment – He was free, but also not. (Start from Armour of Apathy for context)

His Twin Sister’s Best Friend – People deal with grief in different ways.


Mismatched Eyes

Magic Trick – The magic trick that started a career.

An Employee’s Worth – Just because something can be done quickly doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Embarrassing Weakness – With special sight comes special problems.

Eye Patch Week – What is normal? It’s time for an experiment.