Most Liked Stories

As the name suggests, here’s a list of the more popular stories on this blog. If you’re looking for a random read, this is a good place to start.


Whipping Cream

Morning Routine

A Different Kind of Hero

Before the Interview

Travelling Conqueror

A Little Pink


Sweet Division

The Sun that Shone Also Burned

Through the Ages

To Leave The Palace


School Days

After the Adventure

A Date?


Promise Me

Parenting Pains

His Own Bubble

Can’t Take A Joke

Robbery Gone Wrong

Plan A

My Sun

Retrospective Introspection

Magic Trick

Cookie Days

Sibling Squabble

An Employee’s Worth

Energetic Puppy

An Ordinary House

All or Nothing

Nightly Torment

A Man of Few Words

His Twin Sister’s Best Friend

House Explorers

Embarrassing Weakness

The King and The Girl

Pep Talk

The Dragon and The Human

Their Laughter


Clothes for Loved Ones

The Charismatic Traveller


Daily Routine

Bunnies on the Loose

Tower Defence

Word of the Day Challenge

Alternative haven for the Daily Post's mourners!

Isabel Caves

Poetry, Fiction & Photography

Shawn Writes Stuff

Not necessarily well, but here we are.

Little Wee Stories

Very short stories to delight and entertain


Faristha Kanakkapillai

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