Short Story: Energetic Puppy

Genre: slice of life


He thought he was energetic.

This puppy showed him that he still had much to learn.

“No more. Have mercy on me,” he said.

The puppy nudged him all over with her damp nose. Her tail whipped like a propeller blade behind her.

“Too late,” his sister said, “She already knows you’re the fun human.”

He released an exaggerated moan and rolled carefully on top of the puppy. “I’ll squash you!”

The puppy yelped and wriggled out enough enough to lick his nose.

“Eww! Dog spit in my nose.”

His sister laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe.

“Your turn to puppy sit.” He lifted the puppy and put her on his sister. Her laughter turned into hapless shrieks.

“Have fun!”

He sprinted to his room and locked the door behind him.

Peace at last.

Dog spit dripped off his nose.



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