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A collection of original short stories featuring mostly nameless characters.

Short Story: The Perfect Couch

Genre: slice of life

After a whole morning of hard work, the couch was finally done. Fresh covers, new pillows, and a butt indent on the seat .

Noooo. All her hard work!

No worries. She could still fix it. A quick steam would do the trick. Then the couch would be wrinkle-free. Just the way it should be.


Her son dashed past her and threw his tiny body over the back of the couch. Pillows exploded everywhere. Somewhere in the mess, something hit the floor and rolled under the TV shelf.


Mu~um, you promised you’ll only be my teacher at school,” her son whined, still tangled up in a big throw that exposed only his head and one shoulder. It was adorable enough to make her forgive… no. She told herself she wouldn’t be distracted by kiddy cuteness again. This was practice for work.

She hardened her heart with memories of all the hard work she put into that couch.

“In that case, your punishment for making this mess is to clean it up.”

She still needed to help her son, and the result wasn’t the perfect perfection she had hoped, but a couch was a couch, messy or neat, and she even managed to sit her son down for a quick lesson in respecting other people’s work.

She would wait another day for the perfect couch.



Short Story: Chasing the Beast

Genre: slice of life

She sprinted after the beast. Past the people, over the fence, through the-

Someone grabbed her from behind and hauled her out of the way of a car.

“What were you thinking?” her saviour demanded.

“I need to catch my boss’ dog.” She tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

“A dog isn’t worth your life.”

“It’s a Samoyed.” She tried to pry his fingers open but they were like solid stone.

“A what?”

“Super expensive dog. And if I can’t take care of one dog my boss won’t let me take care of bigger things.” Or worse, fire her over a dog.

“Is your boss’ dog white and extremely fluffy?”


“It’s right here.”

The fluffy beast smiled at her just a few steps away.

“Oh. Thanks.”

Finally, her saviour let her go. She cautiously approached the beast, maintaining eye contact at all times, and grabbed his leash.

The beast took off once more, dragging her behind him.

She was never offering to dogsit again.


Edit: Forgot to name this >.<

Short Story: Have You Ever Wondered

Genre: fantasy, mystery


“Have you ever wondered why the grass only grows in this side of your house?” She skipped beside him.

“No.” He checked the trap for damages.

“What about why the water over there is pink?”


“Where your left socks disappear to.”


“Your left socks disappear?”


“Ah. That’s why you don’t wonder about them. But you don’t wonder about a lot of things.”

“I wonder about what a little kid like you is doing all the way out here.” And not just once. The girl had appeared at his doorstep almost every day for the past month.

“Easy. I walked.”

He looked around at the empty wasteland that surrounded his solitary house.

“There’s nothing else around here.”

“I walked a looooooooong way to get here.”

“Go home. It’s dangerous here.”

“Ok. Thank you for the food mister. See you next time.”

She hopped behind a fence out of his view. He stepped out to take a look and sure enough, she was gone.



Short Story: My Sun

You are my sun, and I your moon. No matter where you are, I will not turn my back on you.

You are my sun, and I the stars that pale in comparison to your brightness. You may not see me in the daytime, but in dark times, know that I will be there to shine the way.

“Should I be jealous that my husband is writing such sweet promises to another woman?” his wife said over his shoulder.

He pressed his lips to her hand.

“She is my sun, but you are my world. Without you, there is no us,” he said.

“Silly romantic. If our daughter is our sun, then we are the planets that orbit her. We have our own lives, but we will always be connected,” his wife said.

“Wonderful words.”

“Also, the moon always faces the earth, not the sun.”

“Shh… It’s called artistic licence. Just accept it with me.”


Genre: family
Response to the prompt astral.

Short Story: Tapity Tap Tap

Genre: general


She gently tapped off the dirt encrusted over one of their new findings from the buried city. It was hard to tell with all the dirt in the way, but she liked to guess anyway. Made her work just a little more exciting.

It was around the size of her head, found inside one of the buildings. The exposed bottom glimmered faintly in the right light.

A metal bowl, she thought as she tapped away, A hand basin.

The dirt fell away little by little until she could see the rim of the bowl. She moved her attention elsewhere.

A little further up, she found a crystal. A rich family’s bowl then. The kind that had the family history engraved on it to be passed down the family line. Sure enough, she found more jewels and engravings as she brushed off more of the dirt.

She tapped her way to the tip, and found that the top was a little spikier than she expected for a bowl. Could it be?

The dirt fell away to reveal a pointed tip with an empty socket where a jewel could be.

A crown!


Short Story: The River Behind the House

Genre: slice of life


When she was younger, the stream behind her house was a skinny little thing. More rock than water. The water flowed almost soundlessly downstream, quietly living its own life beside them.

Then there was a season of heavy rains, and the stream swelled into a monstrous river that roared as it rushed past her house. She had many sleepless nights before she adjusted to the constant noise.

One day, without warning, the roaring river dried into a rocky ditch. It wasn’t until then that she realised how connected she had become to the river behind her house. The dried river bed was a naked shell. It was hard to sleep without the noise. What would she do with her lazy evenings if she couldn’t dip her feet in the water?

She had to find out what happened.


Short Story: A Night In

Genre: romance, slice of life

When she was single, Valentines was just a holiday for other people. Then she became a girlfriend, and then a fiancee and soon after wife. Valentines became a convenient excuse to pamper each other.

Now she was a first-time mum, and Valentines was far from her mind. She just didn’t have the energy to go out for something fancy, especially since to do that, they first had to arrange for the baby to be taken care of while they were out.

The doorbell rang.

“I’ve got it,” her husband said.

Who could that be? They weren’t expecting visitors.

“Pizza’s here.”


“For our date. It’s Valentine’s. Going out is too tiring, so we’ll have our date at home.” Her husband smiled.

The doorbell rang again.

“I’ve got it.”

“We’re getting a lot of visitors for Valentines.”

“This should be the last one,” her husband said before opening the door. “Good. You’re here. Give me a few minutes. Bag’s over there.”

Her husband walked past her and picked up the baby before disappearing once more from her field of vision.

“Here you go.”

Wait what?

“Bye. Enjoy your date.” Their friends cheerfully waved from the door before disappearing with their baby.

“Did you just give our baby away?” she asked as her husband flopped onto the sofa beside her.

“Just until tomorrow. Can’t have a proper date when there’s a baby bomb about to go off any moment. Not that I don’t love the little guy, but sometimes…” He waved his hand in the air in a vague gesture. “So, honey, will you go on a date with me tonight?”

“What’s the plan?”

“All I’ve got so far is pizza and movies,” he said.



Short Story: Mnemonics

Genre: slice of life


Studying could be hard, but there were ways to make it easier. Mnemonics was one of them. By associating information with something else that made more intuitive sense, information could be remembered more easily.

“Ten bottles of fried chicken to lemon cow fly over my money,” her student muttered to himself as he wrote his answers down on the test paper. “Sick shoes have many grannies but lose patience.”

Well, no one said it had to make sense to everyone.


Genre: Tunnel Vision

Genre: slice of life, family


Don loved Cal. Really, he did. But his brother in everything but blood had the exasperating tendency to see only one solution to every situation and stick to it without considering other possibilities.

For the past half hour, Cal had wrestled with their clogged vacuum cleaner. He released any openings he could, shook the vacuum rod… and shook it some more when it still remained clogged.

“Try this.” Don handed Cal a stick.


Don switched tactics. He gestured for the vacuum rod. “Gimme.”

Using the stick, Don scrapped the inside of the vacuum rod. After some careful manoeuvring, he finally pushed out the dust clomps that had jammed the vacuum.

“Thanks, Don.”

“If that happens again, we keep this in the storeroom.”

“Got it.”

Well, they all had their flaws, but that was what family was for, right?


Short Story: A Creature of the Organization

Genre: general?


The organization considered him their creature. He didn’t care, as long as it didn’t affect his work.

Then they ordered him to offer his daughter to the organization.

He turned in his letter of resignation that day and sent his family ahead of him to someplace safe. In the weeks leading up to his formal resignation, he stayed on high alert. He’d heard enough rumours to be wary of what the organization might do to people like him.

Despite his caution, he was still caught off guard by a sedative slipped into his drink. When he woke, he was in the experiment he wanted his daughter for.

When he woke again, he was an amnesiac failed experiment, retained as a possession of the organization. He breathed, he ate, he did what he was told. He would have stayed there forever, content to go through the days without truly living, if a girl who looked like him hadn’t broken into his room.

“Hey Dad. I’m here to bring you home,” she said and pulled him out to the world.



With this challenge, I now know another meaning for creature.

A person or organization considered to be under the complete control of another.

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