Mission Gone Wrong 13: New Member

My response to the prompt subdued. Also the 13th part/chapter of Mission Gone Wrong.

Genre: general


~New Member~

Theo woke to an open sky and the whole team around him. Plus one. That was fast. They hadn’t even waited to kick him out before bringing in the new member.

“How do you feel?” Eileen started checking him once she realised he was awake. He thought he was fine, but something he said must have scared her, because when he tried to get up, she stopped him.

“Just in case, don’t move until we get back,” she said.

The new person, Shadow, tapped him on the shoulder and made him float above the ground. Beside them, the vice-captain lifted Ezra into his arms. Why did Ezra need to be carried?

“Let go.”

“I’ll get better.”

“Let go.”

“Just give me more time.”


He looked at Ezra’s legs, but Ezra’s clothes covered any injuries he might have. Did he… panic and break something? That was why his senior couldn’t walk? Now they really would kick him out of the team.

“What’s wrong?” Shadow asked.

Theo couldn’t meet her gaze. “Nothing.”

The new girl watched him for a few more moments. When he didn’t continue, she returned her attention to Thomas, who was asking her all kinds of questions to get to know her better.

Theo closed his eyes.

They had already replaced him.

But he didn’t want to leave.

~Next: Team Meeting~


The main plot finally continues. The other detour chapters weren’t that bad though. They’ve led me to some interesting characters and perspectives that I wouldn’t otherwise uncover if I kept to just Theo and Ezra’s point of view.

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