Short Story: A Touch of Life

Genre: slice of life
Features a character from Green Thumb.


“What do you think?” her friend asked after he gave her a tour around his new cafe.

She looked at the furniture, at the lovingly made ‘daily special’ menu by the counter, at the carefully painted walls.

“It’s a nice cafe,” she said.

“But?” he prompted.

“I’m not an interior designer. All I can say is that this place would really flourish with a touch of life.”Β Everything looked better with plants.

“I agree. Which is why I want to hire you as my official plant manager.”

Get paid to do what she loved?

“When do I start?”


4 thoughts on “Short Story: A Touch of Life

      1. I love plants and green spaces, but I am not as successful as I would like to be. My mum doesn’t have as much appreciation for plants as I do but for some reason she will take cuttings at the wrong time of year, puts them in the wrong type of soil, but they always do well. I do everything right and only have a 50% success rate. Such is life i suppose. πŸ™‚

        1. That’s pretty interesting. A little sad that you seem to have your interests and gifts a little reversed >.<
          I’m sure there are things you can do that she would love to do too!

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