Short Story: A Monster of a Mission

Theo had seen hundreds of monsters since he started working as a Fighter, but he had never seen one so huge. 

It towered over them, even when crouched on all fours. The teeth that protruded from its mouth was longer than Theo’s arms and it dripped with who knew what. The monster huffed a cloud of smoke, and he could feel the heat all the way from where he stood.

This was their mission today.

For all his strength, Theo felt insignificantly small before the monster. Where would he even start? The monster’s matted hair looked impenetrable, and if he wasn’t careful, just one swipe from those massive arms and it would all be over.

“Ezra, split up and see if you can expose any weak spots,” Vice-Captain said.

Ezra nodded and created copies of himself.

“Eileen, Captain and I will support Ezra and keep the monster where we want it to be. Thomas, Theo, you’re our spotter and hard hitters. Thomas go left, Theo go right. Help us if we’re in danger, if not conserve your strength. Once we have an opening, hit it hard and fast. Got it?”

That was right. He wasn’t alone. His flustered thoughts settled into determined sharpness.

“Got it.”

“Let’s go team!”




Genre: fantasy

Part of the Defenders of the Wall universe.

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