25 things you may not know about Logical Dreams (and me)

Hey there. As per my post early this month, in celebration of Logical Dreams reaching a milestone of 250+ followers, here are 25 things you may not know about Logical Dreams.

1. Logical Dreams actually started in 2011 (up until this post I was pretty certain I started in 2012). And as I write this, to go to my first post, I need to go all the way back to ‘page’ 78.

2. In the beginning, I wrote all kinds of things but stories. This was because I had a fear that my creations would be stolen off my blog. Eventually, I figured that there were much bigger and better blogs people could steal from, and I could always write more new stories.

3. I initially started Logical Dreams because I thought that was the thing to do if I want to be a writer. Like how artists would post on deviantart (then) or instagram (now) to show what they can do and create their online presence.

4. Logical Dreams now feels more like a creative outlet for me. As much as I worry and stress over it, this blog pushes me to create stories, rather than working on unfinished drafts over and over again for the perfection that will never arrive.

5. When I started writing short stories for Logical Dreams, they were writing exercises with two rules: no longer than an A5 page, and no names.

6. Another reason I tend not to name my characters is that I write a lot of one-off characters, and I’ll end up spending more time trying to come up with new names than actually writing the story.

7. I like writing short stories because they are fast to write. I can finish them in one sitting and get them over with. Which is an interesting contrast to how I started creative writing in general.

8. How I started creative writing went like this. When I was younger, I really liked Enid Blyton’s Secret Island. So much so, that I tried to rewrite the story with me and my friends in it, but I changed and added things until the story morphed into something completely different. I went on to continue the story in 12-ish short novels, but could never end it properly.

9. Rather than write one continuous long piece, I tend to post interconnected one-shot. There are two reasons for this. For you, the reader, you can just dip in and out of the stories, and pursue more to see the bigger story if you are interested. For me, the writer, it breaks down an otherwise large project into smaller, more manageable chunks, and cuts off a lot of ‘boring’ transition parts because each part is its own story.

10. The genres I tend to write (and you’ll usually find in Logical Dreams) are slice of life, family, and fantasy. I dwell into darker themes from time to time, but I want my stories to celebrate the good things in life, especially the little things that people might take for granted.

11. Tying in to the point above, my inspiration and motivation behind a lot of my stories come from Philippians 4:8 “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things.”

12. Most of the posts on Logical Dreams begin life on paper. I just draft better by hand (because books don’t have extra tabs and internet to tempt me), and actually wrote NaNoWriMo 2018 by hand. All 50k+ words! I am… still in the process of typing that onto my computer.

13. I tend to write for Logical Dreams on the train on the way to work. I am forced into the same spot for a good 40 minutes and I get to productively entertain myself during the journey. Win-win.

14. Other than writing, I tend to cycle through binges of reading, watching shows, or playing games. When Logical Dreams is more quiet, it’s probably because I’m spending my free time chasing something else :p

15. I get motivated by other people’s work. Especially when it’s well done, or by people around my age, I think ‘They made something, I should too”. But behind every achievement is a lot of unseen hard work, and I’m pretty lazy with my personal life, so the struggle is real. Still, a brief burst of motivated hard work is better than nothing, and it’s that one little step closer to where I want to go.

16. Something I would like to recapture from my younger self is that younger me wrote really childish stories, but they were unrestrained ‘I’ll write this because it’s cool’ stories that didn’t necessarily care about logic and reason. The stories you find in Logical Dreams are pretty tame. I would like to write something truly exciting and wild again.

17. My inspiration for the stories in Logical Dreams come from many places. Other than flashes of inspiration, I also come up with new stories through expanding on stories I have posted previously, or through prompts provided by sites like Word of the Day Challenge and Ragtag Daily Prompt. Feel free to share any sites you use in the comments below.

18. The reason I start every month with a blog diary is to keep me accountable. There are always things I want to do, but until I actually post it up and make it public, there is always another day, another month, another year that I can postpone it to.

19. Before I started Logical Dreams, I posted on FanFiction as Enray. I… actually haven’t read what I wrote all those years ago. It’ll be interesting to revisit it. There is that one story that I haven’t completed yet, which still bugs me. One day, it will be done.

20. Coming up with 25 things is much more difficult than I thought. This is where the (and me) comes in. For some of you, we’ve been (virtually) together for a few years now. Here’s a little more information about me 🙂

21. My real name is Amanda, which I feel is a pretty bland name. I’ve personally met 25-ish other Amandas in my lifetime. I once saw the signature of one Amanda, and if not for the flairs we put at the ends of our names in a desperate attempt to spice things up, our signatures would have the exact same shape. Amanda has a good meaning though, ‘worthy to be loved’, so I’ve come to accept it.

22. I love my family. We all have different interests and personalities, but that doesn’t stop us from supporting each other, even if it’s just listening and nodding along to everyone’s updates. Talking about family, I have to mention my sister’s YouTube channel. Check out her awesome covers here!

23. I currently live in Australia, which is really cold right now and I love it. I used to live in Malaysia, which is hot all year round, and I’ve experienced enough hot weather to last me for a long time.

24. Blue is my favourite colour, as you might be able to tell from the colour scheme I’ve chosen for Logical Dreams.

25. To celebrate 250+ followers for Logical Dreams, I’m posting this list of 25 things, on 25th June, which is also my birthday. Turning 27 instead of 25 this year though, which breaks the string of 25s. So close.

And that’s it. Thanks for reading till the end. I hope to be able to share more stories with you and to e-meet you again at another milestone 🙂

2 thoughts on “25 things you may not know about Logical Dreams (and me)

  1. Congratulations on 250 followers!

    TWELVE short-ish novels? Wow, um, ok (wait, how long is short-ish?)
    I ‘only’ managed to finish one 40,000 word text
    And yes, it was hard to be motivated to do that. Now I just write in small-ish interconnected bits. That’s made it much easier to be motivated.
    I feel really motivated when I collaborate with people.

    Cool, so you’re a fellow Aussie. We might only be a few thousand kilometres apart

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Probably not that long. Maybe one or two A4 exercise books? I had a friend who was super supportive and kept prodding me to continue the story. It was a race between me writing and her reading. Which she always won. Haha

      Collaborating is one of those things I think would be cool to do but don’t know if I’ll be able to actually pull off.

      You’re also in Australia? Let’s narrow it down over discord. (Oh boy. Haven’t checked out the group in awhile. Can’t imagine how much I’ve missed)

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