Short Story: I Spy

I was born with one brown eye and one black one. The brown eye sees things as they are, and although the black one does not always see the things in front of me, it can see much more.

It sees the past.

And I spy, with this black eye, broken glass way up high.

The kidnapped victim broke the window with a blanket-wrapped fist. Taking advantage of the downpour outside, he knocked out the rest of the window until he could wriggle through.

The rain made the window sill sleek, and when he still had a leg to free, his hand slipped. The rest of his body followed, and he tumbled two floors to the ground.

He survived the fall and stumbled-ran determinedly into the thick foliage that surrounded the isolated lodge. 

follow his journey to the near present, where he sits among some bushes, too tired to keep moving, but too afraid not to.

A quick look at the kidnapper hideout reveals that the kidnappers are busy arguing among themselves, unaware that their victim has escaped.


“Found them,” I announce.

Working together with the rest of the team, I relay two sets of information to our two teams. One to rescue the escaped victim, one to capture the oblivious kidnappers.

Within the hour, both teams have fulfilled their objective. And while they deal with everything that follows after a kidnapping, I turn my black eye to my next ‘I spy‘.



Genre: fantasy

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