The Calm Before

My response to the prompt calm.


~The Calm Before~

The water reflected the sky like a perfect mirror, not a single ripple in sight. The wind had gone on a rare day off, same as the birds and other animals, giving the area an unusual peace.

That just amplified their voices.

“Put me down!”


Roxana had just enough time to threw her book on her chair before Melanie tossed her into the air. Roxana latched on to Melanie in an attempt to stay out of the water, but that only pulled both of them in.

They crashed into the pool with a large splash that sent ripples racing across the surface. Startled animals called out and shifted among the shrubbery, creating a ripple effect that well and truly shattered the previous peace.


“That’s my name.”

Roxana turned back towards the poolside seats. Melanie grabbed her arm.

“Hey. We’re here to swim. You can read your books next time.”

“Let me put my glasses down first.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Roxana set her glasses somewhere safe and sank into the water. She pushed off the side of the pool and shot over to Melanie. Without warning, she grabbed the shorter girl and pulled her under.

Time to play.


I wanted to start the piece was a calm description, but I didn’t want to stop there. So I brought in Melanie, because she’s the kind of person who makes things happen.

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